Children's Books Packages

Kids Books Packages

These are Boxed Children's Books. Postage for any book copies is not included in the publisher's package price. The Children's Custom Publishing Package includes all the following services: The publishing service is ideal for children's book authors! Your published book can help promote healthy reading for children everywhere.

Mentoring and support - on request.

Postage for any photocopies of books is not contained in the publisher's surcharge. Be part of a fellowship of writers and other business pros. Have a 12-month subscriptions and 24/7 24/7 privileged online and offline sharing of valuable information about authoring and publication available in various multi-media forms.

You' ll be able to view reports, view video clips, participate in tutorials and even interactively with other writers.

Childrens books packages

Are you able to explain the prioritised exclusivity data base? If you are on our list of our most valuable databases, we will first call you if an agent, producer or editor is looking for an expert or someone with your knowledge. We book TV, radios, podcasts, subscriptions to the German TV channel, as well as journals and retail. Why use the media folder?

We will use the presskit for your advertising, publicity, pitching, TV, magazine, guest experts etc. Where is your news item made? To advertise your forthcoming interview, we prepare and disseminate news items or newsletters. Will there be a doctorate before or after an interview or booking?

Our rugged prerecruitment and post-marketing services are available 7 working day before and 7 working day after your interviews.

Children's book publishers | Children's book publishers

Our broad portfolio of publisher packages is tailored to your needs, wishes and your budgets. Every pack provides all the necessary service to make the books you've always wanted. We' ll sketch the cover, illustrated the cover, completed the lay-out and typesetting and take charge of all the necessary technology for a stress-free publication as well.

We' ll make an Amazon Kindle copy of your eBook, add it to your Amazon Authoring Accounts and release the work. We' ll also make a print-ready copy and post it on, where your books are kept in store without and to order. At the bottom are some of the books we have finished, click on the covers to see more pages.

You will find the different types of books below. The definitive approval can be in any desired file size (including JPG and PDF). That is crucial for the styling and atmosphere of the author's work. We provide unrestricted possibilities in composition and layout to ensure that the books we produce are child-friendly and available, with clear text and classy graphics.

The authors are provided with the ePub edition of the volume for publishing as an e-book. The author is free to post the text anywhere, any time. Upon conclusion of the projekt, a high-resolution, print-ready PDF file of the author will be made available. It gives authors the agility to reprint the text at any time, anywhere.

Our services include the full and effective organisation of accessible, high-quality printed products from India. Upon the conclusion of a work, the copyrights of the work ( "book") (including illustrations, print-ready books and eBooks) are assigned to the author so that the author has full title to the work and all its proceeds.

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