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We welcome you to our children's book collection, which is full of books for all ages, from first-time readers to young people's books. There are countless titles if you are looking for Scottish children's books. ÚÚvár - Books - Children; Picture books. Explanatory books on the practical aspects of animal ownership.

The queen and the heretical writer Derek Wilson - Lion Children's author, Coral Rumble, wins the Caterpillar Poetry Prize!

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Christmas picture-book enthusiasts can expect many beautiful gifts, among them Oliver Jeffers' Here We Are (HarperCollins), a warm welcome to the world in essential blues and violets and a renunciation of his intimate, naïve approach. Oliver Stephens (Nosy Crow) and Lou Peacock's little Noah is enjoying Christmas groceries and looking after his favorite female toys as well as a tolerant, buggy-pushing mum.

However, when her schedule is ticked off, Oliver Elephant is nowhere to be found..... Combining Jackie Morris' words with James Mayhew's lavishly texturized illustration, this volume is marvelous in every detail, from his cheated master, who believes his woman is more likely to sew drapes than hidden bags for Centaur to his intentions, which are full of fierce water and fantastical animals.

Kids four years and older, especially those with a penchant for elemental micobiology, will love Do Not This Book (Allen & Unwin) by Idan Ben-Barak and Julian Frost - a reduced, colorful introductory look at the microbial universe, full of intriguing facts, under the microscope and worrying bacteria.

The Atlas of Monsters by Stuart Hill and Sandra Lawrence (Big Picture) is more ambitious, a pleasantly different supplement to the well-tried trends for thematic children's allotments. If you have a stomach and a penchant for even more eerie stories, you should delve into Christmas Dinner of Souls (Faber), a wonderfully rank book by Ross Montgomery with images by David Litchfield.

A wandering young man is condemned to give a nasty Christmas meal to the unsavory Soul' s College school - and to listen to the cruel tales that accompany every class. The goose bumps enthusiasts should like this cheerful turn away from Montgomery's more gentle predecessor music. Helen Cooper, the award-winning Kate Greenaway writer of illustrated books such as The Hippo at the End of the Hall (David Fickling), has created a full-length glory debut work with charming illustration.

This is a memoroir for children 12 years and older, Alex Bertie's Trans Mission: My-Quest to a Beard (Wren & Rook) is a mystifying walk through the author's entire lifetime, from a transforming hairstyle to the various mile stones - getting out of the home, getting a doctor's note, launching testosterone - that are marking his progression.

Joelson's first novel is both an exciting adventure story and a vivid, sincere portrayal of an extraordinary world. After all, Otherworld by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller (Rock the Boat) is an captivating near-term futuristic and dystopian play with concepts of morality, artistic sensation and virtuality in a way that reminds us of Ernest Cline's Ready Player One.

Having been given a virtuality bed to his dear Kat, who was "locked up" in her corpse by an incident, to give her a way of living, Simon goes into the afterlife to save her. - To order these books, go to or call 0330 333 6846.

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