Children's Book Success Stories

Kids' book success stories

This is Karen Inglis, author of children's books and ALLi consultant for self-publishers for children. "The stories of Harry Potter are very original: Even publish a children's book for the Kindle. I have revised a few folk tales to examine the children's social problems. Many self-published authors do not sell their books.

Meeting Karen Inglis, children's writer

It doesn't take a child book designer to be influenced by the award-winning Karen Inglis, who has not only authored and released several works for kids of different age, but has also been so effective in marketing them that she became our designated consultant for other child writers. So what is your greatest accomplishment as an editor so far?

I' ll enumerate three here, if I may - but if I have to call it one, it would be The Secret Lake. First one was to have the artwork for The Secret Lake in my hand. It was a really big thing to release at the end of 2011 because there were much less user-friendly formating utilities, and I didn't know anyone in the UK who published himself.

There' s no playwright in the world! It was not possible to redeem it and there were no ePayments at the time. Take a sabbath year off my work as a writer for the finance industries at the end of 2010 and get out all the children's tales I had composed when our boys were younger.

I' ve been spending many month re-writing and working on The Secret Lake, Eeek! What was your greatest suprise as an independent writer? In 2016 I got an e-mail from ALCS (Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society) asking if I happen to be the writer of Eeek! What is your greatest challenges as an independent writer and how do you handle them?

Stay motivating, especially in the first few weeks when it comes to setting up attendance at work. I' ve been to five colleges on five dates for this year's World Books Day and had to say no to two! Don't be enticed to release it until you are sure that your work is the best it can be.

Benefit from our best-of-breed reader, editor and proofreader - and our expert coverage-designer. When you have a Mac, get Vellum for your formatting - what are you in for?! I am currently designing my own publication and commercialisation of children's literature before organising a master class on this subject in Leicester in November.

Then I' ll release the follow-up to Walter Brown and the Wizard's Hat. And I' m just waitin' for evidence of a new disguise for Walter Brown and the wizard's hat. Recently it won a Wishing Shelf Red Ribbon Award and got very good ratings for the storyline, but less for the artwork, so I've re-designed it now to get feedbacks from other children's writers and them.

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