Children's Book Submissions

Submissions of children's books

submittals However, before you submit anything to us, please review the following policy with caution. We' re interested in literature and non-fiction for kids of all age groups, but also in boardbooks, deck, activities kit and other uncommon or'new' sizes. Submissions will not be return. You can contact us within six month of receiving your submit.

Please indicate this in your covering note if your suggestion is for co-deposit. When registering, please enter your e-mail-adress. Younger children's works can be entered in their totality without consultation. Older children's work should be presented with a survey note, a summary and three example sections.

As we cannot accept returns, please do not submit to us anything that you do not want to part with or genuine work. Every months we get more than 1,000 children's book submissions. That is why we do not monitor the arrival of contributions. Please enclose a self-addressed, prepaid post card to confirm that you have it.

You will receive this card as evidence of receipt before your entry is analysed. So, you wrote a children's book... What now? In the Adult Trade section we offer a large selection of textbooks, stationary, kits, diaries and new products. Before contacting us, make sure you are familiar with the literature we have published.

Submissions are accepted by post or e-mail and we give preference to submissions in electronic form. Unless we are interested in posting them, we will not be able to reply in person to unrequested submissions. Due to the size of the suggestions received, we cannot send back the material that has been entered. Do not enclose any original or valuables.

As we are unable to send back the material entered, it is not necessary to enclose a self-addressed, prepaid cover. As with all other submissions, we are unable to reply in person to unasked submissions unless we are interested in continuing the work. When registering, please enter your e-mail-adress.

Attach a one-page covering note containing a brief account of the proposed action, why you think Chronicle should release it, what is contained in the pack, and your contacts information. Please indicate this in your covering note if your suggestion is for co-deposit. Add a sketch, an intro, example illustration or photos, example labels, example recipe (if cookbook) or example work ( if handicraft book) and text/sample paragraph.

Please do not return artworks that are not originals when you submit them, whether as part of a design or as a sample for proof. Attach a book marketing research for the prospective readers. Attach a listing of similar books, which includes the publishing house, date of release and a brief description of how your book is different from what is currently available.

Add an author/illustrator/photographer resume that contains the publication of certificates and references in this area. To receive an acknowledgement of delivery, please enclose an address able, franked post card, which the editors can submit after they receive your suggestion. Whereto you should submit your proposal: Submissions are at the author's or illustrator's own risks.

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