Children's Book Publishing Companies Accepting Submissions

Publishers of children's books accept submissions

Please check the submission conditions of the individual publishers and follow them carefully. Publishers of children's books accept submissions. Besides, I know very little about these companies, so submit them at your own risk. Non-fiction submissions have little resemblance to fiction submissions. You do not accept children's books.


Entries can be made directly by an agent or author. Please return materials for review to: There are a large number of submissions and therefore please observe the following requirements for submitting. With the submittal of a contribution you declare your agreement with these conditions:

Notification of the filing date is not required from Turner. Turner is interested in publishing the entry, we will get in touch with you. Tourners is not obliged to give back any material that has been entered.

Twenty-one US and Canada publishing houses for young people accepting unpublished books.

Remark: I will conduct a mini-workshop for children and young adults on Saturday, September 22 in Oakville with Yasemin Uçar, Senior Editor at Kids Can Press. See here (and browse down) for up-to-date lists of activities for Children & for Young Adults and Kid-Light Courses.

When you can get an agency, I think it is usually a good notion and there are many agencies that represent writers of children's literature, especially high school and young adults. Begin your quest for the right broker for your children's or youth book here. Here are 21 US and Canada publisher of children's and YA literature who are accepting unauthorized writers, if you would rather walk alone or cannot get an agent:

The Annick Press (15 Patricia Avenue, Toronto, ON m3m 1H9) produces textbooks by young adult and young child literature by Spanish speaking translators, although Annick currently does not accept picture-book scripts. Parent-teens fiction: Anick Press encourages novelists to suggest teenage stories that are highly original and catch powerful and unmistakable modern characters.

Medium fictional reader: Anick Press is looking for medium-quality literature for the readership (8 - 11) that appeals to readers' fantasies and arouses their interest. Books for medium and young readers: It is essential to be able to combine the abilities of a storyteller, complete with storytelling technique, to pull the readership into the text.

Send a summary together with an example section. Annick Press also uses illustrations. Complete entry instructions here. The Scholastic Press print was established in 1996 by Arthur A. Levine Books (USA). They have since created more than one hundred and seventy-nine works of hard-cover literature and non-fiction for kids, young people and people.

Submissions: Textbooks: Enquiry note + five page examples (five verses, five non-fiction etc.); illustration: Don't submit complete scripts. Complete entry instructions here. The submissions are made exclusively by mail. Before you contact them about publishing your work, please read their policies. Capestone/USA releases both novels and non-fiction for fighting and resisting audiences.

You have four prints and three independent departments with over 3,000 printed titles. The majority of Capstone's works are manufactured in-house, but they are also interested in obtaining scripts from authors and examining their work. Belles Lettres should be sent by e-mail, non-fiction only by mail. He has published both storybooks and transition textbooks (books from early to medium sized chapters).

Specialist literature focuses on the natural world, academia, sociology and multi-culturalism. Fictional tracks contain vivid, action-oriented tales with powerful, captivating figures. Only one or two manuscripts should be submitted at a while. Please provide a full copy for your photo album. If you are interested in literature that is longer than 30 pages, please provide a short summary, a summary of sections and three text sections.

If you are interested in non-fiction that is longer than 30 pages, please submit a detailled suggestion, a summary of sections and one to three text sections. Do not submit at the same time. The Coteau and Coteau Publishing House (2517 Victoria Ave, Regina, Sk S4P 0T2) is a literature publishing house for schoolchildren. She has published a number of novel, playbook, poem, playbook and non-fiction series.

Fiction for young people between 9 and 12 years of age and fiction for young people between 13 and 15 years of age and for young people over 15 years of age are made out. You don't release children's photo albums. Have a look at their previously released works to see what they like. You will also receive a copy of the latest catalog on demand.

He will evaluate all submissions and will contact you if they want to see your entire work. We only publish writers who are either resident or national Canadians. Complete entry instructions here. Free Spirit (USA) produces non-fiction and educational material for kids and young adults, as well as parent, educator, counsellor and others who are living and working with youngsters.

You don't write novels. If a full script is available, you can submit it.); A marketing review with a complete list of similar books and a full details of how your product is different from the available ones; a personalized advertising schedule for the suggested book (including face-to-face and public relations work).

The Great Plains Publications (Winnipeg, Manitoba) is a non-fiction publishing house specialising in the prairie's past and present. Her mission is to produce publications by Prairie composers (note: her other prints are open to composers from all over Canada). Wizenty & Enfield is a literature reprint of Great Plains, which features authentic novel and collection of shorts of Canadian poems from all through-careers.

Please have a look at the back list before you submit a paper to determine whether your work fits our publishing programme. Although you can ask us by e-mail, they do not agree to complete copies of your work by e-mail except by appointment; appendices should be in CDF only. The Great Plains Teen Fantasy is published mainly modern and historic literature by young writers for people aged 14 to 16 and 15 to 18.

In case you have already been written by a book publishing company, you can request a summary of your history, a brief biography with your earlier releases and one to three sections of your novel as Word attachments by e-mail. As an up-and-coming writer or self-publisher, please post a covering note, a summary and the first to three sections of your book.

Complete entry instructions here. Harbor Publishing (Madeira Park, B.C.) is an independant book publishing house in the possession of Howard and Mary White. Founded in 1974, the firm is located on the Sunshine Coastline in British Columbia. She produces about twenty novels per year in many different categories, but mainly on subjects related to the British Columbia Westlab.

Harbor also produces children's literature, poems, northern Canadian literature and other literature with a broader interest than the western part. Harbor has released more than five hundred songs, among them Raincoast Chronicles, a collection of BC Coastal Histories and Cultural Studies, twenty of which have now been released, and Edith Iglauer's bestseller book entitled To Fish with John.

The latest children's literature from Harbour are Boys, Girls and Body Science and Fishing with Gubby. One of the most recent publications of poems is Patrick Lane's Witness: Further publications includes fiction, gardening, arts literature, cookery and anthology. Journalists publish a number of articles about northern Canadian living, such as House Call by Dogsled:

Submissions: Harbor takes unasked to receive scripts and gets 1,000 per year on a regular basis, which they recite when they can. Please send in an enquiry form containing a sketch, a curriculum vitae, possibly a credit for publications and a specimen of the work. The manuscript should be sent in on paper or by e-mail as an MS Word attachment (.doc).

Complete entry instructions here. Most of our publications are celebrating the pioneering spirits and colorful histories of West Canada, especially the Cariboo area where the business has its origins. The Heritage House releases 20-30 new songs per year. The majority of the writers are either national or resident Canadians, as the company's business objective is to publicize and encourage the publication of unique non-fiction by them.

The Holiday House (USA) is specialized in hardcover book covers, from pictures to young adults, both literature and non-fiction from the age of four. You do not release bulk buyer literature, which includes pop-ups, activities literature, labelstock, colouring literature, or licenced work. If you are interested in publishing your manuscripts, Holiday House will only reply.

All manuscripts, whether you submit a book or a novel, should be sent in full. Any submissions should be addressed to the editorial office, Holiday House, 425 Madison Ave. Do not submit any e-mails or faxes. Complete entry instructions here. Ideal's Children's Blocks (U.S.) is a publisher of literature and non-fiction for kids aged 4 to 8.

Topics are holidays, inspiring and pathriotic topics, relations and general notions. The CandyCane Press releases novelties for kids from 2 to 5 years. The theme is similar to Ideal's Children's Book, with a strong emphasis on younger kids. Ideal's Magazin greets the occasion to check your poems or your diction.

If you are interested in Ideale or CandyCane, please submit the entire script to: Just-Us Book and Marimba Book (USA) produces children's literature celebrating the variety of dark histories, cultures and experience, and Marimba produces multi-cultural music. For full application instructions click here. It is Kane Miller (USA) who is extending his list of storybooks, chapterbooks and literature.

Either the full text or a summary and two example sections of your work. Submissions will be considered. For full application instructions click here. Kid's Can Press (Toronto, Ontario) is looking for "high-quality illustrated and non-fiction literature for youngsters and storybooks for 7-10 year olds.

No young adults and no old fantasies accepted. In order to make sure that your script is suitable for our publication lists, please familiarise yourself with the titles we are publishing. "If you wish to submit a book, please submit a copy of the complete work. To submit a book of chapters we need a summary and about three example sections.

If you are not asked to do so, please do not submit the whole work. Do not submit any emails. The Lerner Publishing Group (USA) is one of the country's biggest independent children's publishing houses with more than 5,000 printed titles. Your Judaic overprint, Kar-Ben, is the only department that will accept submissions. Usolicited submitted scripts will only be accepted by mail.

Complete entry instructions here (scroll down for PDF entry instructions for literature, non-fiction and illustrations). At OnStage Publishing (USA) we publish textbooks, middle-class and young adults' books. Notion: Fiction: When the number of pages is less than 100, please hand in the filled in, two-line script. When more than 100 pages, hand in the first three sections and a resume.

The submissions can be made by post or e-mail. You do not release storybooks, shorts or poems. You are only publishing literature from 8 to 18 years of age. Complete entry instructions here. Pajama is a small literature magazine with great inspiration and is dedicated to publishing outstanding publications for any age.

The Pajama publishing company offers textbooks - both for very young and school-age children - and fiction for teenagers from 12 years of age. Pajama's non-fiction usually contains a powerful storyboard. Inquiries should contain an outline of your book, information about your typing history and an extract.

Submit the equivalents of one or two pages of your final book - which means that novel extracts are much longer than illustrated text. Complete entry instructions here. The US publisher and publisher of illustrated textbooks and youth literature is well known. Acquires de chapitre de book, de niveau moyen et de Young adults aficionado.

Complete entry instructions here. Since its founding in 1979 by the acclaimed climbers Tony and Gillean Daffern, Rocky Mountain has published a range of Rocky Mountains literature focusing on mountaineering, adventures outdoors and "writing of place", which includes collections on walking, rock climbing, downhill and cross-country activities, as well as stories, arts, memoirs, biographies, travels and recycled works.

The Rocky Mountain Books only admits entries related to the following topics: - Currently, we do not currently welcome literature, poems, drama, self-help, familys, self-publications or company stories. Complete script policy here and entry policy here. The Rocky Mountain Books is a member of the Heritage Group, an association of five different companies.

Besides our enterprise, these include our sales partners Heritage Group Vertrieb and the publishing companies TouchWood Editions, Brindle & Glass and Heritage House Publishing. The Heritage Group is better able to create advertising, increase advertising activity and satisfy clients and audiences through shared use of selected assets. Navigation tip: For further articles about children's book publishers click on the buttom in the right side under More content and browse through the offers.

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