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Dialog Books for young readers. It is one of the most renowned children's book publishers in the world. Purchase Christian & children's books & music online from our largest selection. Publishing houses for books and music are also available. It' a children's picture book publisher.

Thirty publishers of children's books waiting for your book

All 30 children's book publishing houses have one thing in common: they receive contributions directly from writers. Because many child publishing houses only accepts from agencies, this schedule should help you spend several hundred minutes browsing the entry guides of all child publishing houses in the world. It is one of the most renowned children's book publishing houses in the world.

Each year they produce around 70 bound children's literature, from infants to young adults. Please find the application instructions on their website. You mentions that they will not react to entries unless they are interested in the book. Though this might be a disappointment not to listen back, but I know they are overpowered and at least they still accept voluntary subordinations and do not require a medium.

Sampler: It is a business with such a heritage and a story that they have published a whole book about it: They are an independant enterprise, which exclusively edits children's literature and is specialized in hardcovers from 4 years. The guidelines for submission are here, but the essential thing is to send the whole script.

Example title: You like to read textbooks that show off your scientific and mathematical skills in funny storybook format. You can find further instructions for submitting on their website. They have only been around since 2004, but they have won many prizes for their work every year and have had some of the best-selling work. Located in San Francisco, they do an outstanding job maximising your children's book potentials in all media, from TV right sales to the production of characters for them.

Please take a look at their entry rules here. When you have a children's book on a subject that seems different from all the others out there, hand it in. Example title: Receive your children's book reviews from a child book-reader. I' m helping authors like you to compose better textbooks and do business with publishing houses.

In Brooklyn, Flashlight Press is a publishing house that concentrates entirely on children's photo series. You are looking for a book that fits into these four categories: These are some example titles: We specialize in multi-cultural literature from 5-12 years of age, which is great because less than 10% of children's literature contains a protagonist who is not known.

Your authoring rules say that you are looking for tales in which the protagonist is a colored one. Restrictions on words: Belles lettres be less than 1500 words and non-fiction less than 3000. Unfortunately you have to spend some cash for the print and the postal charges to be able to enter here, as they only allow the submission by post.

As Canada's largest children's book publishing house, Kid's Can Press accept handwritten works from Canadians, but not from them. They have won five major literature prizes in the last five years and have a great record of success in launching new publications. You are looking for textbooks for children and chapters for those between 7 and 10 years of age. If you are interested, please contact us.

Example title: Hog's Back Book releases children's literature for the under-10s. When you browse through their catalogue, you will find many of the book with animal characters. Even though they are located in the UK, they still accepts enquiries and submission by e-mail: Pattern books: That' a pretty awesome publishing house.

The Eklavya is an NGO (non-governmental organisation) located in India, which tries to get hold of schoolbooks. Here you not only have the opportunity to publish your script, but also to do a good job and help those who need the most help.

You are looking for textbooks to help kids learn the basics of living, studying and health. You are specialized in children's literature and photo albums. When you look at the example songs below, you will see that most of them have pets as their protagonists. Example title: While David Fickling does not tolerate unrequested scripts on a roll-to-roll format, they do have an yearly competition where writers can enter their book to gain a publishing and publishing deal.

If they don't choose your script, they announce five shortlists, and this is the kind of media that could help them accept your script at another one. In the past they were a copy of Scholastic, then Random House, and now they are self-sufficient. You describe yourself as "nimble," which means you are sufficiently agile to promote your book in many different ways, creatively and non-orthodox.

You open entries from time to time, although most of the year is over. Please visit their website to see if they are currently looking for unwanted entries. If they are open, they will not allow entries to be submitted on-line. You are an impartial advertiser (if you do not know, most impartial advertisers do not agree to receive uncalled posts, while most impartial advertiser do.

If you don't have an editor, you're probably looking for an independant publishing house for your children's book). You have a back list of 3,000 ledgers and 100 employees. When you choose an independant publishing house, this is one of the largest. Example title: Whitman receives unprompted entries from non-represented writers and publishes about 40 works per year (not a single note about what percent of these works are unsolicited).

Your entry policy states that you are looking for three types of books: E-mail submitments are permitted, but will only be returned to you if you are interested in the work. It is a business with a great family tree and some great songs. It is one of the oldest independant publishing companies that has been published and organised since 1919 and does your book justice. 2.

I would strongly suggest it if you get a shot at publishing with them. Example title: You are accepting "children's literature" that has a more demanding sound than "children's books". "You do not agree to submit entries on-line, only by post. Further author guidance can be found here. You are interested in telling inventive children's tales in a light and fresh way.

You are publishing for babies, small children, medium and young adults. Example title: While Eerdmans releases only 12-18 volumes a year, making them the smaller independents, their back list looks amazing. You are looking for a large number of textbooks, but above all ones that are celebrating multiplicity, concentrating on an important historic event or refer to specific topics.

Example title: Free-Spirit releases 20-25 songs per year and has been in Minnesota for more than 30 years. Up to their subordination rules they are looking for a book with anti-bully notifications ( "I doubted many folks are sending them pro-bullying notifications), and a book that teaches Kids letter, conduct and facilities.

It would be if their tastes could be summed up in three words in books: Example title: The Little Tiger is a three imprint publishing company in the UK, but only one will accept entries without being asked. The Stripes Publishing accept literature for kids from 6 - 12 years. Please e-mail only. Example title: Metadowbrooks equally distributes non-fiction for adults (how-to-parent books) and literature or poetics for 5 to 12 year-olds.

Example title: The Peachtree Publishers is a southern, independent specialist book publishing house specialising in: You provide shock statistics either to fend off the weakness of the human body or to make you sympathetic to them: you say that they are receiving more than 20,000 entries per year and probably just a few of them.

You do not agree to receive e-mail entries - please only by post. The Michigan-based sleepy Bear Press is looking for entries of children's picture-book, middle-class and young adults. You should be aware that there is a long waiting period for your book OR e-mail submission, but as they only check your book three days a year.

Example title: Headquartered in the UK, it is a leader with an astonishing 100 million publications in over 70 nationalities. Prioritize e-mail filings, buy worldwide book copyrights, and don't want you to file with other publishing houses at the same time. Example title: A good thing about their entry guidelines is that they say that every entry is checked by two or more reviewers, so you can be sure that you get a clean slate.

Example title: A Scholastic imprint and a great prize laureate (two of her works are currently nominated for the Kirkus Award!). Your baklist contains 179 award-winning children's literature, and you have the opportunity to win 180. They' re accepting and actually ring cheerful about it, unlike many publishing houses who pretend that the mud heap crushes them.

What makes a book worth reading? How is your book inventive or catchy? AugustĀ House loves folk tales from folk tales of folk tales from folk tales, multi-media literature and children's story. Pattern books: It is the enterprise that issues the most renowned children's journal in the state, Highlights, so that you are in good hands. What's more, you're in good hands. That'?

You say they are interested in "excellent story-telling, inventive illustrations and powerful characters", which basically means they are willing to just about anything as long as it's good. You will only receive entries by post and try to reply to all entries within 3 month. The thing I like about this publishing house is that they actually reject forms when they choose that the book isn't for them, unlike most publishing houses who don't even take the trouble.

Example title: A giant children's book publishing company with more than 3,000 printed works and an incredible range of choices for every generation, with a bi-lingual department. Most of their works are designed internally and rented to independent illustrations and authors, but occasionally they also produce scripts with mud.

Please contact the writer by e-mail. sub AT capestone publish DOT com with this information: Example title: While this is probably the largest publisher on this page, if you want to sway for the gate, then do it. Your entry instructions state that they are to be submitted by post only and contain the complete script.

She has an interna-tional orientation, but at the moment they are looking for a book with an US topic. Your guidelines for submitting e-mails to: AT kaemiller DOT com and include: Example title: The prize for the most ridiculous children's book publishing house goes to who? They did not accept picture book or chapter book entries at the moment of this contribution, but they were looking for medium, young and new adult work.

They can be sent by e-mail, but no attachment - just write everything in the text of the e-mail. Example title: You are looking for pedagogical non-fiction at the age of 5 - 10 years, approx. 500 - 800 words long. When you have a book about culture, wildlife or the natural world, please mail it to them.

Wonderful thing about this editor is that they say that they are receiving hundreds upon hundred of unrequested filings a year (rather than thousands), so if your book is right for them, you have an excellent probability. The OnStage Publishing is a relatively small independant publishing company with a focus on children's music. Publishes chapters, medium-sized novels and young adults, mainly from 8 to 18 years old, in both printed and e-book formats.

Your policy is not to post storybooks. Example title: It is more of an academical publishing house looking for textbooks that teachers can buy and use in the schoolroom. Example title:

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