Children's Book Publishers uk Accepting Submissions

uk children's book publisher Acceptance of submissions

We can only accept online submissions. In general, all books can be divided into three genres - fiction, non-fiction or children's and teen books. Submission - Black & White Publishing Gladly we take unasked materials. When you have posted something you would like to tell us, please review our criterions below. Each entry will be reviewed by our editors, but we ask you to send in your work only if it complies with the following policies.

We can only receive submissions on-line. Don't mail us your contribution - we can't record and save it, and we can't give anything back that's not substitution. About what we publish: This is not how you hand in your manuscript: Please make the following as a unique file before you start the form:

For the unlikely case that you have difficulties with the upload of your script, please call the agency on 0131 625 4500. Submission forms also invite you to provide a short summary of 100 words, but there is room for an additional summary if you wish to do so. We recommend that you do this before you start the template.

IMPORTANT: All submissions to Black & White Publishing are strictly private. All new articles are checked thoroughly, but due to the high volumes we are receiving, we cannot provide any personal feedbacks or advice. Unfortunately, if you have not received any information from us within six month, your application was not successful.

Agent Policies

We have 1,000 printed and expanding titles, and the book lists we produce are broad, varied and excellent. We are an impartial 501(c)(3) non-profit publishing house marketed by Penguin Random House and have the best of both worlds: full editing autonomy and an unrivalled sales team. To get an impression of what kind of book we currently release, please check out our on-line bookshop: powerful classes cover body work and somatic, environmental and sustainable, diet and diet, healthcare and recovery, tribal culture and humanities, art, metabolism, psychology and human development, social and political, as well as religious and religious.

The Blue Snake School. We do not ask you to submit to us any originals or indispensable documentation for which we cannot accept any liability. Submit Address: We do not currently accept entries for new literature or poems and cannot check such submissions. Also, please be aware that although some of our journals are textbooks with an extra scientific audience, we currently do not accept submissions for pure academics.

It should contain as many of the following items as possible: Example chapter (at least three). Please give us a few samples if you would like to add photos or artwork to your book and let us know how many you would like to use. Are you qualified in this field: training, literature or papers; what makes you a pioneer in this area?

What has been your connection with the readers of this book so far? For whom is the book intended? Lists the most important publication that your book could show in extracts or as a comment. What will you do to help us advertise your book? Comparing or competing titles: What are the three top 3 volumes to which your book can be likened?

What is the difference between your book and them? Describe some proposals for preface authors and persons who will provide support and comment. They should be someone you know and who can talk for your book. At present we accept photo albums at the age of 0-8 years. We' re only looking at storybooks.

It is our goal to produce children's literature that falls within our current areas of interest, literature that expresses a comprehensive perspective on ourselves and everything that is around us. We' re particularly interested in seeing works on topics such as environmental protection (recycling, composted, gardening), natural history, awareness, posture, yoga, dancing and exercise, the arts, unconventional family and under-represented people.

A brief description of the book's intentions (with ages ), a brief biography and the complete script as a Microsoft Office work. Comparison or competing publications (which are the three top 3 that your book could be compromised with? What makes your book different from them?) and the number of words in the script.

We kindly ask you to familiarise yourself with the latest branch regulations on the length of the illustrated book. It is an ideal tool for finding appropriate numbers of words for all layers of children's text. We' ll consider rhymes but please make sure that your rhymes and measuring device are correct before you submit them. Please enclose at least three example pages in the complete script.

Publishers usually choose a suitable illustrator.

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