Children's Book Publishers Submissions

Submissions from children's book publishers

Your submission guidelines state that you are looking for three categories of books: No artwork is required for picture book manuscripts. Submission - Peachtree Publishers At this time and without being asked, we accept handwritten material and works of artwork for publishing in the following categories: The following are not released by Peachtree: NOT consult our bureau about the state of your application. We accept approximately 20,000 submissions annually. While we try to check the submissions in good time, the peer reviewed submissions usually take 6 - 9 month, as we try to give each paper the level of attentiveness it is worth.

There is no need for art work for textbook scripts. Peachtree is free to add any work of art, although Peachtree retains the right to choose the artist. no make any oe originals or images. ONLY submit a copy, as Peachtree is not liable for the returns or the status of the submissions.

Which you should add to your submission: To return your documents, please return a sufficiently large and sufficiently large self-addressed envelop and indicate in your covering letters that you wish to return your work. In case of insufficient postal charges, the manuscripts cannot be handed back and will be recycle.

We do not ask you to replace appropriate shipping charges with currencies. We are not liable for the returns or the state of the entries. Notice: Piechtree does not answer requests that do not contain a script. Submitting your manuscript: Please post all scripts in the US.

We do not check manuscripts submitted via any form of online communication such as online or offline communication, e-mail, CD, or any other electronic means. Entries should be sent to: Which you should add to your submission: 4-7 illustrations of the: Submitting your sample illustrations: Specimens must be sent by US mail. We do not check publication patterns via online marketing, e.g. via e-mail, CD, e-mail, e-mail, social networks or other electronic methods.

Entries should be sent to:

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