Children's Book Publishers Seeking Submissions

Publishers of children's books are looking for submissions

Are you ready to start the submission process with your great manuscript? These are a list of children's book publishers who submit or have unsolicited manuscripts in one place or another. Pedagogical resource books for parents and teachers aimed at small children.

Children's book publishers accept submissions

These are a lists of children's book publishers who submit or have manuscripts in one place or another without being asked. The majority are publishers to whom I have sent my story, mostly by e-mail. I' ll do my best to keep it up to date, but to be completely frank, this is more for myself than anything else.

At all times I found myself with other (awesome) listings, like these and these, and searching through them for publishers who meet certain criterions. It was my decision that it was necessary to draw up a personal submission or possible submission of the publishers.

The submissions are temporary closing on 29.03.16. Arthur A. Levine Boks - From 12/01/17 the website is offline. However, a registration page is still open under the new hyperlink. The Boyds Mills Press - The page with the submissions was given back on 23.4.15. Add 4/20/16* - Accepts submissions in electronic format.

You will also find some good suggestions on their submission page. Fickling David and Fickling Book - Do not accept uncalled entries except during opening hours. Mostly in search of Scots writers or thematic works, Floris Buchs - Submissions must be in some way related to Scotland, either in terms of contents or as an original work.

The Grimlock Press - Ehemals Ghostly Publishing. Up to date 3/29/16* After I have reviewed their new filing system and requirements, I would suggest that they do not do so. At least at your own peril. While I have been in touch with them about some dubious formulations in their submissions policies, I am awaiting an answer.

Now they use a "community-based" rating system for their submissions. Please make sure you read the guidelines and requirements carefully when sending in your submission. 4/4/16 Update* Received a fairly quick reply from you by e-mail. Unfortunately, it did not really respond to my question and still made me uncertain about the security of subjecting myself to them.

Again, if you choose to do so, please review the guidelines and ask them any possible queries. No more unasked scripts accepted by Little Tiger Press. Lingua Mantra - specialized publisher: Award-winning entry page with an educational movie. Wealthy Media Press - *Updated 4/5/16* website is currently not available from 4/5/16.

Former Scarletta Press. Wonderful, one-of-a-kind novels by authors and performers from all over the globe, often with a classical flair. Possibly my favourite publishing house for children's literature. Forwarding page from January 22, 2015 has been revised. The Sweet Cherry Publishing - Submissions are closing on 17.12.01.

Mandarind-is now part of Random House and claims they "prefer" submissions from Frahlingen. Buuut, there is a "Submission" button on your contacts page. The Tango Books Ltd - Considering the condition of their website, I am not sure how functional Tango Books is at the time. I' d say at your own peril, but it's definitely a good idea to keep an eye on it.

Turners Publishing - Publishes children's literature under the Ramsey & Todd Publishing Details, but seems to use a unique submission procedure. I' ve contacted some of these publishers but haven't gotten any letters. Besides, I know very little about these businesses, so hand them in at your own peril. Jason JG Carnrike's blog - former children's writer and creator of Savage Owl Press.

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