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It helps children to grow, learn and explore themselves and their surroundings. is the largest multicultural children's book publisher in the United States. He is one of the few publishers of children's books still accepting new manuscripts. BEVERAGES FOR ADULTS - The Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book. CHILDREN'S BOOKS - If you go on a walk.

Submission - StoryBook genius publishers

However, before you submit anything, please take a few moments to review our entry policy thoroughly. The StoryBook Genius Publishing is one of the few publishers that still receives unasked child scripts directly from writers and illustrations. Our livelihood is to discover new writers and illustrations and to work with them to produce bright and original children's literature.

We publish our story in various media, including: paperbacks, hardcover printing, eBooks and other electronic media. We' re interested in literature and non-fiction for kids of all age groups, but also in boardbooks, activities kit and other electronic or'new' forms. Preference is given to children's book entries by e-mail, but we also receive entries by post.

When submitting, please provide your e-mail-adress. Submissions will not be return. Specify the category for which your contribution is foreseen. Explain why you want to use Storybook to release Genius Publishing. You will be informed that your contribution has been accepted. Afterwards, if we are interested in your entry, you can contact us within 3-6 month after receiving your first one.

The Genius Story Book will not react to an uncalled entry unless it is interested in publication. Please indicate this in your covering note if your suggestion is for co-deposit. While this may seem likely, you should review your email and reply periodically when we get in touch with you. Today's publishers are a fast-moving industry and we will focus on other ventures if we don't get feedback from you.

Younger children's works can be entered in their totality without consultation. Older children's work ( (8-10 years or YA) should be requested first, with a summary and three example sections from the book. Add any research you did when you created your script. As we cannot accept returns, please do not post anything that you do not want to part with or originals:

Each of them is reviewed by our publishing staff. We' ll reply to each email to verify that your entry has been accepted. To send in a proposal by post and certify that we have it, you must enclose a self-addressed, prepaid post card.

We will return this card to you before evaluating your entry as evidence of receipt of your entry. Every months we get several hundred unasked children's book scripts. To improve your opportunities to work with StoryBook Genius Publishing, we need to know more about you.

Nowadays, publishers want to get in touch with writers via online marketing and we need to know with whom we link them.

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