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Own children's books are not a new phenomenon, but they definitely come into their own. The list of children's book publishers in India is a listing of some of the leading book publishers focusing on children's books. Vote for the best children's book publishers.

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Show 1 to 10 of 41 children's publishers in India. With an inexhaustible repository of activity, fun toys, storytelling, poetry, folk tales, pedagogical references, we have continued to amaze and please kids... We have begun as a website with an Indian/Asian point of view and our core value is still multicultural, multilingual and included, but our audiences are truly world.

A lot of schools around the globe see us as an important pedagogical asset and offer us useful resources and encourages kids to use us in their work. Several of the world's major publishers (Pearson, Cambridge University Press, Orient Longman, Harcourt Assessment) have licensed our contents for their textbooks and related teaching materials. It has a higher aim - to help our kids to become smart people.

Our own experience as a parent has shown us that we usually tend to neglect them. Publishers of popular children's books: coloring and action novels, new products textbooks, jigsaw puzzles, etc. Diamond Group of Publication is one of the biggest publishers in India. She has published novels on literature, non-fiction, religious, cultural, medical, astrological, yoga, sport, biography, biographical, poetic, humor, all in various Hindi-speaks.

Young Angels International is a fast-growing book publisher of children's literature with a dedicated staff of gifted artists, design talent and expert writers featuring more than 3,000 popularly popular and engaging stories by publishers and distributor. Lead Start Publishers is a major publisher from India. She is both creatively and progressively in her visions and publisher focus.

Leadstart lists contain outstanding writers and writers from all over the world. Today Leadstart Publishing has 10 trademarks and releases over 200 publications per year, with prints and product in all important book classes. Leading start is also India's biggest book retailer chain with retailer distributions in over 100 towns, almost four fold the scale of its nearest rival.

The Week called Leadstart Publishers the fastestgrowing book publisher in India. Lead Start has subsidiaries in India and the USA and works with worldwide partnerships. Mediamalgamation (India) Pvt Ltd. Bangalore publisher of children's literature offers attractive prices and a large selection of publications.

Not only do we show a kid the way of the planet in which he grows up, we also try to get in touch with him and use the skill of story telling to carry his or her imagination out into the planet and create the way forward. One of Eklavya's main objectives, along with various education programs, was the creation and distribution of education materials.

To this end, Eklavya has released about 250 books in Hindi, English and Urdu and we also publish three education journals (Chakmak, Sandarbh and Srote). The Eklavya publications are aimed at kids, adults and educators. Publishers & Booksellers Guild has passed its thirty eventful years and will march into many more such important years in the years to come.

One of the biggest English-speaking specialist publishers on the sub-continent of India, Om Books International has been a leader in the Hindi publisher and retailer sector for several years. Based in Noida, OBI has released a number of top sellers such as Two Mothers and Other Stories by Khalid Mohamed, Three Sisters by Bi Feiyu (Man Asian Literature Award, 2010), The Kept Woman and Other Stories by Kamala Das, Delhi OMG! by Vinod Nair, Newsroom Live by Prabhat Shunglu, The Company RED by Shantanu Dhar, to name but a few.

Forty-one publishers for kids in India in the index.

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