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It' go ahead and have something like Creative Kids Tales. It is a repository of information and novelties and shows talents of up-and-coming authors. A great stepping stone for all those who want to immerse themselves in the children`s book business! I didn't know anyone then who was a book author or book illustrator. No.

Thank you for being such a keen supporter of children's books, the force of storytelling and literacy. Creative Kids Tales would have been very practical if I knew about painting and typing and had no clue what to do with it! Embark on a journey of discovery and make it with the knowledge that you have such an astonishing back!

Creative Kids Tales gives new authors the pleasure of publishing on their path of craftsmanship and ingenuity. It is a hot and beautiful home. What a beautiful website and a plethora of ressources. Wish I had found it earlier - but I can still relish it now and have added it to my resource book for new authors.

" "Creative Kids Tales is the ideal place to write everything, whether you're just getting started or carrying a lot of them. Dividing the inner life is a great thing for individualists, and all this can be found on Georgie's website. Bucket full of thanks to Georgie for the creation of Creative Kids Tales.

George and the Creative Kids Tales staff have a great love of children's storytelling, and this site is a great place to find and exchange information! Thank you for letting me join Creative Kids Tales. It is a great source for aspiring authors and graphic designers and I trust it will have a long term use.

It is an extraordinary source for all those who deal with children's books. The detail available on this page is extremely useful for aspiring authors (or those who have emerged). Everything from story creation - plots, dialog and building characters - to supporting authors looking for their work, whether as mentors or publishers, is included.

A great, easily accessible author site! This is a great asset! CKT is such a great site for anyone who wants to know more about the production of children's literature. Creative Kids Tales is a nice on-line get-together full of encouragement and inspiration for authors. Georgie Donaghey's Creative Kids Tales is a well-deserved gangster!

This is a great forums and a multi-storey commodity for shining new creators, trade legend and any in between! It is a great source for beginners and experienced artists. This is a great, inspiring, educational and imaginative asset - of value and interest to so many of you.

Well, if you klicked that far and revealed those words, you know that this (Creative Kids Tales) is a fantastic source of idea and connection. Wow! What a beautiful asset. Congratulations to everyone who works with Creative Kids Tales. Creative Kids Tales earns all its awards. The site offers excellent assistance, stimulation and motivation to anyone who enjoys designing children's literature, thanks to its designer.

What a great benefit to the children's book business, Georgie. May Long Creative Kids Tales Rules! However, it is great to have a website that facilitates this by linking designers together and with a plethora of information and resource.

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