Children's Book Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts 2015

Publishers of children's books will accept unsolicited manuscripts in 2015

Kar-Ben accepts unsolicited manuscripts only by post. A top 10 tips for submitting a children's picture book manuscript. Manuscripts for children's books or illustrations may be sent in unsolicited. What do I mean by unsolicited manuscripts (or mss for short)?

submission policy

In our opinion, a book for kids should provide precise information, foster a good world view and accept a child's inherent love of miracles and comedy. We are constantly looking for new ideas, new ideas and new ideas in children's writing. We focus on natural sciences, mathematics/science, sociology, art and diversity/multiculture.

Featuring vivid, action-oriented storylines with powerful, captivating personalities. Because of the large number of entries, we only react to manuscripts that are of interest to us. Any other manuscripts are reused. You are kindly requested to send only one script at a while. The manuscripts should be two-line. Provide your name, your postal adress and your personal details on the first page of your paper and in your covering note.

Make sure you include any work you have already posted or your experiences with authoring. Please submit a full script for textbooks and textbooks of less than 30 pages. If you are interested in literature that is longer than 30 pages, please submit a short summary, a summary of sections and three text sections. In the case of non-fiction that is longer than 30 pages, please submit a detailled suggestion, a summary of sections and 1-3 sections of text.

No active search for alphabets, colouring or news-book. Since we are not liable for missing entries, please make a copy of your work. No manuscripts will be given back. We kindly ask you to post your contributions (with the exceptions of young adults' novels).

Entries will not be accepted by e-mail or on a computer-diskette. Do not enclose a prepaid reply cover for the returning of your work. All other manuscripts are reused and we only react to manuscripts that are of interest to us. You are kindly requested to submit your work to the following address: For YA-romances, however, e-mail submission to the following e-mail addresses is preferred:

In order to familiarize yourself with our range, we recommend that you read our literature and our catalogue.

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