Children's Book Publishers Accepting Submissions 2015

Publishers of children's books accept submissions in 2015

Yes, we accept manuscripts without illustrations! Use all my efforts to find an agent because so many publishers are banned from unsolicited submissions? Can I update to 2015? To find a children's book publisher is as much work as to find a publisher for any other genre. There are 6 submissions.

Five children's book publishers who accept manuscripts -

The sale of children's literature is increasing. Many of our chapters participate in county meetings by building a stand to promote and mark their work. As a rule, children's literature generates the most revenue at these shows. However, the search for a publishers for your children's book takes the same amount of time.

Today I offer a listing of children's publishers. Like always, please carefully study the entry rules, check your catalogue if available, and consider looking at their works in a bookshop (I know they're getting more and more difficult to find) to make sure your book is a good one.

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One Brown Bookshelf readership let me know that there are two Plum Street publishers - Plum Street Press, in New Orleans, and Plum Street Publishers, in Arkansas, who have published the call for papers. Here's what I have written about Plum Street Press: Plum Street Press, New Orleans Books.

Together with the Jaden Toussaint Serie they release the Swift Walker Sciences and Geographieserie. These are the entry guidelines: Each of our tales show kids of colour as protagonists, although the breed does not have to be prominent in the tale or not represented at all. We' re particularly interested in medium-sized scripts (about 10,000-30,000 words for 8-12 year-olds), but we also accept submissions for photo albums and YA.

Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, Plum Street Publishers was the firm that asked us to send out the message that they were looking for writers and graphic designers. She was a publishing house owner in August House for almost three years. In her new enterprise she is continuing her engagement for multi-cultural children's literature. Here is the call for proposals:

PLum Street Publishers is looking for submissions for children's, medium and YA magazines. We' re also interested in looking at artist portfolios for our upcoming series. We are engaged in the publication of various opinions and experience and promote toleration and comprehension through reading for young people. You can find our entry guideline at

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