Children's Book Publishers Accepting Submissions

Publishers of children's books accept submissions

You can also send us a letter to:. The submissions will be considered in order of receipt. Are you accepting manuscripts for children's books without illustrations?

Survivors looking for illustrated volumes NOW

It is sometimes hard to find out which agent is open for submissions at any given point in the game. In this sense, starting in 2016, I will create some new verticals for agent searches. These are for children's photo albums. From August 2016 all below mentioned agencies have told me in person that they are NOW looking for active photo book submissions for them.

Chuck's note: Some of these operatives are open to text-only contributions. A few operatives only want submarines from writers' illuminators. When you want to provide artwork and the assistant says "no attachments", make sure you do not include them. Rather, put it anywhere on-line and just e-mail the spy with a hyperlink to your website where he can see your work.

And finally, because storybooks are so brief, even if an agent's policies just say "query me", it is common to insert the whole storybook text into the email after the poll. As submitted: Does not open an attachment if it is delivered with a blister. Authors Illustrators Submissions only, please.

Not submissions that are just text. Search for lyric storybooks. As submitted: If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to us at the following address: please send an e-mail to vselvaggio[at] winstream. net and put "Inquiry" in the reference line of your e-mail. Insert the complete text of the book into your e-mail after the request message. As submitted: "Send me bummies as PDF files or via FTP pages to wgu[at]

As submitted: Jean V. Naggar Literary's website has a publisher, agent and other market entry page on the current Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market. Searches only contributions by authors-illustrator. Submitting how: query[at] The illustrator should request a full PB script in the email text with a hyperlink to your workbook.

As submitted: CHquery[at] As submitted: Alternatively, go on-line and hand it in via your agency's onlineform. Invite authors, novelists and graphic designers. As submitted: On-line registration en ligne : As submitted: Preferred submissions as PDF attachments for inclusion on Enter "Posts" in the reference line and the name of your message.

Please hand in your history with a covering note containing a short history, a short bio of yourself and your contacts. Writers are not required to provide illustration. Do not post works of originals when entering artworks. Illustrator with a history, please hand in your history with a PDF of your illustration He himself is one of the best tutors in the field of literature in Germany.

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