Children's Book Illustrations Prints

Illustrations for children's books Prints

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work of art

Arts and illustrations are an interesting and important part of children's lit. Since the nineteenth centuary, mankind has been collecting and appreciating the originals painted and drawn by the artist to accompany their favourite children's libretto. Today, with the richness of style used in children's novels, originals are more loved and collectable than ever.

Here you will find our range of genuine children's book artwork as well as beautiful prints and prints by some of the best children's book performers of the past and present.

Prints from children's book illustrations

There is so much fine arts in writing that we have in common with our kids, it is almost a disgrace to keep them between the envelopes of a book. Therefore I have collected some nice children's book illustrations, which you can buy as prints. There are also works of illustration originals, but I have concentrated on the more accessible prints.

Many of them are in small editions, others in large numbers, but all are nice to put up in the children's room. From''How Toatch A Star', by Oliver Jeffers, $145.00. Excerpt from How toatch a Star by Oliver Jeffers. That beast, by Oliver Lake, $18.00. An Ezra Jack Keats One Winter Morning Peter Woke Up, 250, $350 limit number.

Ezra Jack Keats' The Snowy Day. Quick, Mary Dear, from Erik Blegvad, $50. It' N.M. Bodecker's name. The Princess Princess - Sleep, by Penny Dale, $120. Princess, Princess of Penny Dale.

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