Children's Book Editors Accepting Submissions

Editors of children's books accept contributions

Submissions in paper form are not accepted. Frahlingen should continue to contact our publishers directly. No unsolicited picture book submissions are accepted either. Every manuscript we receive is reviewed by two or more editors. Skip to Gibbs Smith non-fiction and children's books.

Filing FAQs

After September 25, 2018, we will continue to accept the submissions. You should provide an outline of your application and some information about your typing history. If you submit your work to another publishing house, please let us know. Un-opened copies of all scripts sent to our offices are reused. Our publications range from very young to school-age children, as well as early chapters, secondary modern literature and children from 12-14 years of age.

This is a short abstract of your book. A few phrases are probably enough for a storybook. Textbook projects do not have to be extracted. You do not agree to hand in your papers at the same moment. Is it possible to send my request to several publishers at the same adress? Are you going to release a printed one?

Unfortunately, we cannot consider digital publications. They are both literary titles for children between the ages of 9 and 12. They can have quite sophisticated words, and their subjects are often very demanding, but much dialog and easy evolution keeps them available for this group.

How do YA-romans between 12-14 years of age differ from those for high schools? Years of YA literature for 12-14 years often have topics as complicated as those in older readers' literature, but they are not graphical, especially in relation to force, speech or sex-consciousness.

If we are producing a book of pictures, the illustration will not begin until the text has been edited. For illustrating your own book, you can use your script to enter Conceptual Arts.


We are an independant publisher of adults, children's and calendar publications. To ensure that you know that you are going to submit your work to the masthead that will most likely be published, please read the title and submit policy (below) for each masthead. When you submit your paper suggestion, you will get your work back if you enclose an addressable, prepaid envelop (SASE) that can take up your suggestion as you have sent it to us.

Entries that do not contain SASE will not be sent back. Also we do not take unasked submissions. Preferably, we would like to get contributions by e-mail. In case you need to submit your work on paper, please enclose a covering note containing your name, your postal and phone number and e-mail adress. A postage-paid envelop (SASE) in the right format should be enclosed to enable us to print your work.

Entries that do not contain SASE will not be sent back. Cannot receive facsimile or floppy submissions. Send your contributions to the following address: Ensure that you add the following points to your entry. You should submit a suggestion of no more than 30 pages, preferable in the format of a Microsoft Word file.

An outline in a section that describes the premises of your book, why you have written it and who the public is (with all the demographics you might have about the likely audiences' size). This is a short essay (1-2 pages) focusing on why you are unique in your ability to compose your book and what kind of platforms you have to get a broad public.

An index outlining the book, with headings of chapters and sections and brief description of the materials covered in each of them. We will conduct a survey of the book's readers, and compare it with similar ones. If you compare your suggestion with other works, please briefly describe (just a few sentences) how your suggested book is different from these works.

An example section that is typical of the genre and contents of the work. Every copy we get is checked by two or more editors. Because of the huge amount of submissions, the examination can take several month. We do not currently openly welcome unasked submissions. Currently Algonquin Young Readers does not openly invite contributions.

Please read this page before you submit a suggestion to find out more about our latest lists and the types of book we normally use. If you submit a suggestion, please remember that it can take up to three month for the editors to check it. Below are suggestions for material you can incorporate into your suggestion; the more information you can give us to help us better understanding your work.

We do not receive suggestions on floppy disk, by e-mail or facsimile. Such a suggestion may contain the following: This is a suggestion containing an overview, an introductory text, an artwork index and model texts/chapters. Samples or photos (duplicates, no originals). We will conduct a survey of the book's readers, comparing it with similar or not.

If you have any suggestions, please contact our editors at this address: Contributions from writers and editors are welcome. Please be aware that we are publishing both practical and practical articles, we do not produce literature, and we need requests and input on paper or by e-mail. Whether on paper or by e-mail, our perfect offer comprises the following components:

An outline in a section that briefly describes the assumption of your book, why you have written it, who the public is (with all pertinent demographics you might have about the likely audiences' size). Brief biographical information (one page or less) focusing on why you are unique in your ability to compose your book, how you are associated with your likely readership, or whether you are planning to link in a personal or on-line-way.

If you have already published a book, please add all the fundamental bibliographical information about the numbers of sale, the name of the publisher of your international edition and any other information you consider useful. A commented index that overviews the book, with section and section headings and even sub-sections if you have worded them, as well as brief description of the materials that each section and/or section covers.

An in-depth evaluation of what you think are the most competitive titles - and with very short commentaries on how your suggested book is different from existing list. An example section that is typical of the major work's composition. The suggestion should not contain more than 30 pages in 12-line, two-line Times New Novel, preferable as a Microsoft Word file.

To return your suggestion, please enclose a prepaid and address label in the right area. Contributions that do not contain SASE will not be sent back. Suggestions by e-mail should be sent to; documents in paper form should be sent: Please add the following information: This is a one-part booklet.

This is a short explanation of why you think your book is needed, and the descriptions of the book's prospective readership. An index with a short summary of each section and, if necessary, a full project listing. Thoughts about the length, size and photographic/illustrative needs of the book.

Biography with a clear emphasis on your references for authoring the book and your capacity to make it known to a broad public. An example section from the suggested book. Please attach photos or examples of some of our work. Send your suggestion to Because of the number of submissions we have received, it may take several month for us to reply.

New book concepts are regularly reviewed. You should propose the following components: Present the topic and why a book on the topic is necessary or desired. Describe what is special about your book and why we should release it. Describe your overall concept and the organisation of the book.

Specify your audiences and why the book will address them. Specify the number of landing pages/words and guess the amount of book completion timeframe. Comment briefly on each section. Describe your profession, your achievements (including typing and/or dissertations ) and your areas of work.

Summarise your intimacy with the topic and why you are skilled in the book. You are welcome to insert examples that are relevant to your suggested topic. Describe briefly all the book's unique features that will help the marketers in their selling effort.

Add issues of interest to both clearly identified audiences and a general audience. Explain in detail your sales strategy (how your career and contact support the book's promotion). When you give presentations or hold a workshop, please attach a synopsis of your past year's work.

Describe all your existing or future involvement in your book's promotion in the field of online publishing. Listing all previously released books that cover the same topic as your book and whether they are still in press. Explain how your book is different or better than competitive books.

Every competitor book includes publishing house, release date, prize and Amazon rank. Provide an estimate of the number of words for your finished script and a general artwork with photographs, artwork, maps, graphics and/or charts you think are necessary to communicate your work. When you work with a freelance researcher, please tell them why he or she is well qualified for the work.

Attach example pictures or a hyperlink to the photographer's website to your suggestion. If you have any suggestions, please contact our editors at this address:

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