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CBC is the not-for-profit association of children's book publishers in North America dedicated to supporting the industry and promoting children's books and reading. Appel à tous les éditeurs de livres pour enfants : to The Children's Book Council, New York, New York, New York : TASMANIANA, The Children's Book Council of Australia (Tasmanian Branch) Inc. Brilliant literature for children and young people and literacy!

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CBC is the not-for-profit organization of children's book publishing houses in North America committed to support the book publishing sector and the promotion of children's literature and read. CBC publishes for children: Accessibility to strong partnership with other nationwide organisations for readinglists, education programmes and alphabetisation initiati on. The CBC is open to US children's book publishing houses and, in some cases, industry-related businesses.

Publisher: Find out more about the advantages of becoming a member. Every Child a Reader, a non-profit organization committed to promoting life-long child enjoyment of the world. Find out more about

The CBC Book (

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Listing in this section can be a fictional, dramatic or poetic work and should be suitable for mid to high level reading. Age 8-12 years. Contributions in this section should be exceptional textbooks of the visual arts in which the writer and illuminator reach an art and literature unit or, in silent textbooks in which the history, the subject or the conception is harmonized through a visual.

Age 0-18 years (NB. Some of these works may be for seasoned readers). With the Crichton Award, new talents in the Australia children's book industry will be recognized and promoted. Age 0-18 years.

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