Children's Book Agents Accepting Submissions

Agents for children's books who accept submissions

Your submission for fiction should include: Please enclose for picture books:. Though Whitney does not accept requests by mail. She' s looking specifically for YA and children' s literature. Searches only contributions by author illustrators.

Guidelines for submission

Each year we look at the work of everyone and welcome new customers on the basis of their uncalled submissions, inclusive of customers without previous credit, referrals or other recognition. However, it is very important that you strictly adhere to our filing policy. Writers who submit by post must comply with the latest post office policy in order to get an answer, so please review the policy with caution.

Swiss Post may reject your application or SASE if it does not comply with your request. Adherence to our e-mail submit policy helps our e-mail client to help writers who submit by e-mail organize and prioritise their submissions. Please DO NOT call to check your filing state.

Because of the large number of submissions we have received, we cannot follow the submissions one by one. When you have integrated an SOA, you will get an answer. When you send us an e-mail and you do not get a answer within two week, you can be sure that we are not interested in your work.

We are interested in all types of business rhetoric, which includes thriller, mystery, children's, romantic, women's, ethno, sci-fi, fantasy and general clichés. We' re also open to review other styles and themes as long as the materials are intended for a professional or general public and not for scientists. Submissions of unrequested texts are accepted and we seriously review all submissions, even those from first authors.

Submissions for works that have been republished in our own publications or in other small or non-traditional sales points are also considered, although we ask you to observe our regular entry policy when submitting these works. Submissions should be made on regular hardcopy, we will not check any material saved on CD/DVD or other media.

Your entry for belles lettres should include: Please enclose for non-fiction books: Please attach for photo books: Please note that we will not answer contributions that do not contain STD. Please observe these rules to comply with mailing requirements and to make sure you get our reply: Only use US postage stamp, no direct mailing or foreign receipts.

Covers must be sent with our postal adress in the upper lefthand part of the cover. Preference is given to store size covers (#10) (and similarly large envelopes) that are only used for our reply - all submissions will be rejected. When you want to send your items back to you, large shipping bags with adequate shipping are accept.

This is a favour; we will do our best to ensure that you get your manuscript/material back, but cannot give any guarantees. While we welcome entries from abroad, our response is restricted. There will be no returns of goods outside the United States, regardless of the precautions taken for their returns.

Please enclose an enclosed stamped cover with US-Porto. Enter your e-mail adress. In case a SASE is not available, we will reply by e-mail. To submit e-mails, please insert all material into the text of the e-mail in the order given below.

If you are filing for example a literature, start with a short questionaire, followed by your summary, followed by the first 50 pages of your work. Your entry for belles lettres should include: Please enclose for non-fiction books: Please attach for photo books: Due to the large amount of emails we are receiving, we will not reply to your e-mail unless you are interested.

If, two inches after submitting your entry, you do not receive a response from us, you can be sure that we are not interested in this work. If you have a new idea that you think might interest us, you can contact us again, but please do not send us the same idea more than once, and please do not send more than one idea at a while.

Please call or e-mail us to verify the state of your deposit. What makes it important to adhere to your filing policy? While we really love reading and enjoying your submissions, it makes it hard to know if you are an optimal proxy if we are receiving partial submissions. The more we waste on opening huge appendices, decorating your lavishly packaged template, or peering at your poorly prepared samples, the less we have to think about the essence: your history.

Every daily we get over a hundred e-mails and between 20 and 50 templates on hard copy, so we have to make quick choices. Of course, we don't have all the time to think about new submissions, so our policies are set up to help us assess whether your work suits us.

To do your best, please follow our entry rules and send short and concise enquiry notes to help us assess whether your projects are in our interest. Although we do not prefer any resources to any other, we suggest that you check with a book or website before you submit to see how you can do it.

Would you like to receive postal items or e-mail? Our focus is on both hardcopy and e-mail submissions. We will only reply to the reply if there is a sign-on message in your message, but we will not reply to an message unless we are interested. If you' re not interested, why not reply to e-mails but reply to posts that contain a sas?

All other agents are insisting on rejecting the application if they are not interested. This can be done with just a few mouse clicks, dependent on your own e-mail client. However, with thousands of submissions, the response takes a lot of work. It is our preference to waste this amount of your valuable submissions on careful consideration, rather than automatically replying to submissions that miss the target or do not follow our policies.

We also do not believe that a denial of the submission forms provides more information to the submitters than if they do not receive a reply. We also do not ask you to contact our agent only, so our answer is not necessary for those who wish to contact other agents. Because SASE traditionally does, because the amount of these requests is restricted and because it provides an option for those who need more verification than our e-mail policies.

What is the average reply speed for submissions sent with an SASE? Postal submissions are often viewed on the same date of entry, but we batch the responses so that you may not get a rejection until 4-6 week after submitting your entry.

As well as a summary and example materials, why do you want to include an inquiry note? We would like your request to be an introductory part of your samples. It is like a book with a cover taken off when one reads example materials without an inquiry note. Similarly, we cannot say if your work is well done by just looking at your request for information, so we appreciate the possibility of looking at the first fifty pages of your work.

If all three are sent together, you have the best chance of becoming our customer, because it provides us with all the information we need to encourage us to continue on. How come you don't take hardcover or full manuscript? Please do not submit hardback or full manuscript copies as we may not be interested in studying your whole book and it may be costly to do so.

We would like you to save this amount and start by sending us a request and samples. Only a good survey note, a precise summary and well-written samples should do. I can' t ship my footage on a USB stick or disc. You should do so by e-mail if you wish to do so.

Loading hard disk and drive systems is timeconsuming, and there is always room for incompatibilities and bribery. Can I include a hyperlink to my website in my e-mail subscription? Yes, provided that your links are not a replacement for the example materials that should be in the text of your e-mail.

Every interlinked footage should be an addendum and not a substitute for your entry work. When you have an on-line portfolios, you can create a hyperlink to it, but please also include the desired example pictures in the text of your e-mail. If you are an author, we would rather see your example footage in the text of your e-mail than reading it from your website.

So why don't you just take my advice in the form of shorts, scripts or poems? Whilst we like poems and shorts, the remuneration for publishing magazines and journals is too low to warrant our interest, and most of our releases do not need an agents to apply, so we are leaving this area to each author.

When you have a script or drama, we suggest that you choose a playwright or movie pro.

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