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Amber Caraveo & Joanna Moult, specialists in children's books and YA fiction a long-established Frahlingur, which looks after a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books for adults, young adults and children. Below is an alphabetical list of agents who accept picture books. You can send three examples of finished stories for picture book texts. You decided you want an agent. She is a partner at The Agency and represents an excellent list of children's authors and illustrators.

Top 10 frahlings representing children's literature

Are you looking for a frahling for your children's book? You' re one of the most powerful authors out there. There are some children's stories that are so unforgettable that when the child grows up and becomes a parent, they will recall the stories they love and recite them to their family.

Qualitatively high-quality literature presentation is the buzzword to publishing your work and the first stage in becoming a smallfavourite. This is a listing of the 10 best Frahlinguren, representing aspiring writers as well as renowned bestsellers and award-winning children's lib. Frahlingin is Tina Wexel at ICM, one of the world's biggest companies for talentmanagement.

The ICM is representing renowned writers, scriptwriters, actors, modellers, musicians/singers, stage and film-makers. She is the MG-Bücher, Jugendbücher and YA-Bücher representative. He is the author and journalist for Quirk of Penguin Random House. There are only 25 published by Quirk per year. She has bestsellers of the YA range and award-winning children's literature.

He is interested in literature and non-fiction, grown-ups and youngsters who overlap with popular art, sci-fi, comic and superhero, cartoon and/or periodical. Stefanie Thwaites is a Frahlingin with Curtis Brown Ltd. It is one of the most renowned children's book frahlingurs in the whole wide web with a list of renowned writers.

The name Thwaites stands for children's literature and YA-fictions, with magic features such as fairy, superhero, witches a princess. JOSEP Veltre is Associate and Director of the Book Division of the Gersh Agency. It works with a celebrity and varied group of businesses and people in the fields of cinema, TV, digital media and publishers and supports them in the production of TV programmes, movies and textbooks.

Among many other categories, Joseph Veltre also works for children's literature. I have Clare Wallace as a children's book salesman for Darley Anderson. Active in setting up her children's lists and looking for new writers and illuminators of textbooks, secondary school, youth and YAs. Anderson is a full-service TV and movie licensing and book company.

Most of the best-selling and best-selling novelists in the business are discovered and defended by Darley Anderson himself. In the early 1990s, Hillary came to Lemon Unna & Durbridge to take care of the Paddington Bear stocks and set up her own book-listing. Before becoming an agency, she worked for several publishers, among them Rights Director at Penguin Children's Boks.

Now she is a franchise of the agency and represents Michael Bond's Paddington Bear, a number of children's book writers and illustrations from pre-school textbooks to YA novels and YA websites as well as her publisher, TV, film and theater. She is interested in literature in all age groups, from small and medium-sized businesses to teenagers and young adults.

We represent some of the best known authors and filmmakers from the worlds of cinema, television and theater, as well as book law and children's music. Titles presented by the company have been transformed into prestigious Emmy award-winning movies and TV shows. Sylvia Molteni is the committed children's book agent at PFD (Peter Fraser and Dunlop).

It is looking for children's photo albums for the medium sized business, young adults and cross-over literature (literary/commercial, phantasy, sci-fi, psychothriller) and non-fiction. She also takes care of all audiovisual copyrights of the company and markets international copyrights and back-list works to Italy. Peter's Fraser and Dunlop is one of the most traditional literature and talents agencys in London.

Brianne is the Frahlingin in the Writer's House, selling image and medium sized textbooks. Particularly she enjoys reading with humourous items. Writer's House is one of the best-known literature studios for children's literature. Insert the first ten pages of your book under a request for quotation. RAFE is an operative with the Andrea Brown Lit Agency.

We are known for getting great book publishers agreements for our children's writers, many of whom are in the 5, 6 and 7 digit range! From the storybook to the YA, Jennifer is a project representative. She has a weakness for the intermediate class and is open to all styles in this genre, especially the delicate, funny or crazy.

Alyssa' s an Paradigm operative. Founded in 1992, Paradigm has become one of the world' s premier agencies for talented entertainers, directing the career of an élite of performers, musicians, filmmakers, authors and film-makers. Reuben Alyssa Reuben accept textbooks for high school students and young people. There are no storybooks. He is an asset to Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.

It is an agent for a broad range of works, from serious non-fiction, literature and business literature to children's illustrated and young adults' work. Would you like to contact other children's book agents? There are 15 other top agents here.

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