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Authors for children wanted

Brilliantly illustrated children's books. At the moment we accept contributions from new and established authors. Our very popular children's book festival is travelling to Quarry Bank in Cheshire this year. She has interviewed New Zealand children's authors and illustrators. Looking for new authors of children's books!

Writers wanted!

At the moment we accept contributions from new and existing authors. We need a complete script to evaluate your work. Guidelines for submission: Manuscripts must be in 12-point type, with two spacing, one inches of margin and either Microsoft Word or RTF inscription. Their manuscripts are assessed by our acquisition editors and usually sent back to you within twelve to sixteenweek.

Although we refuse your contribution, you have an answer as to why we were unable to get it into the public. We do not currently accept scholarly scripts, children's books or graphical books. Please click on one of the following buttons to send in your manuscript: At the moment Temptation press accepts scripts in all subgenres of eroticism.

Twelve to sixteen in all, please expect a reply from our acquisition teams. Click on the Submit button below to go to the submissions page.

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Our relationship with many frahlings includes Amber Caraveo and Joanna Moult of Skylark Literature, Kirsty McLachlan of David Godwin Associates, Ben Illis of the Ben Illis Agency and Jenny Savill of Andrew Nurnberg Associates. Golden Egg Academy and Quarto are proud of our ethic approaches to businesses and publishers.

Prizes are awarded to authors of talents whose work is likely to achieve a publishing quality, because the final goal is to allow them to see themselves in the books they read and to encounter the authors they may want to imitate.

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Our aim is to make it as simple as possible to get together kids, authors and authors in school, library and at festivals in the UK and the world. Author's Authors UK will rationalise the entire reservation procedure for your meeting by taking care of all preparations and supplying you with in-depth information about your guests and policies for a succesful meeting.

I just wanted to send you a THANK YOU e-mail, it went really well and it was a great hit last night, not least because your 3 authors were FAB! that you organized my three meetings during World Book Week. Their organization was excellent as always and the colleges were both enchanting and the people from Windsor Library Services were also excellent.

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