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You will find links to places where you can inform yourself about the publishing work of children and young people:. Ultimately, most people do not publish their first book until the 1920s or 1930s. Are you looking for a publisher who publishes a young author's book? I would like to know if it is perfect for new authors and future authors?

Young-writers Dazzle Publishing House (Mom and Dad)

However, his two "Velvet Black" novels, which are the escapades of a fictitious skirt group, were not picked from a stack of scripts by an eagle-eye editor. These were issued at a price of $400 for Ben's family - more than offset by the sale of 700 of them. This includes several hundred kids and young people who publish their own literature every year - a burgeoning part of the literary community that poses as many parenthood issues as it does publishing.

Moms and dads who pay the bill say they are just trying to cheer up their kids, just like other folks buy equipment for a budding lacrosse actor or send a Broadway ambassador to theaters. However, others see the blurriness of the line between publishing and self-publishing as a missed chance to educate kids about adversities and ordeal.

These young authors themselves, who grew up in an age when bloggers and bloggers used to have the same opportunities as Facebook, are tackling the concept of self-publishing. "Elizabeth Hines (pseudonym: E. S. Hines), a pupil from Annapolis, Md. whose first novel "Die letzte Taube" was recently published by the self-publisher Xlibris, says that the word changes - one can do almost anything one imagines.

"Aeir' s Black Panther," part 2 of what she calls the Aeir trilogy, will be released shortly (at a price of $2,700 per song for her parents). The first two fictitious quintets have also been composed and a work of historic literature has started, which takes place in Scotland in 1500.

Elisabeth's mothers Jacqueline said that her mothers discussed the advantages of self-publishing. "They eventually concluded that "self-respect is usually not a poor thing for children at this age," said Ms. Hines. 12-year-old Camille Mancuso from Columbus, Ohio, wrote "Through theyes of Eak " about 72-year-old Delphi from Phea's land, during Jane Banks' intermissions in Mary Poppins' tour film ( "Camille was on Broadway" when her novel was published).

Drew Beasley, 10, an Upper West Sider with a series of theatrical and voice over vouchers on his name, released "Growing Up.... With" Jack" last year to encourage youngsters to be friendly to youngsters with specific needs. Mac's dad, Timothy, a headmaster from Pennsylvania, said that publishing his daughter's work seemed a natural way to recompense her efforts over the past few month.

Some people say it's great to begin to write at a young age but worry that self-publication is sending the right messages. A publishing vet, Alan Rinzler, who now works with authors as an editing advisor, proposed that a parent engage a journalist like him to work with their child to rip up a script and make it better.

Ben's mom, Julie, noticed that while Ben was selling several hundred copies, the whole household could have just ended up with a pile of Christmas presents. Ben's editor, KidPub Press, who started publishing childrens literature in 2008, said that most of the book retail bookselling was done by the wholesalers' households.

KidPub creator and editor Perry Donham said it was "quite unusual" for a KidPub writer to have more than 50 pieces for sale on Amazon. Several self-publishers are charging up front charges that range from hundred to thousand bucks for print, processing, jacket designs and sales up-front. Others, like Lulu, are offering to release free textbooks - although that doesn't even mean a copy for the author's work.

KidPub, which last year released 140 volumes, is asking $250; this involves easy processing, five print versions and the Amazon pledge of dissemination. "If the children get the bookcase with their name on it and see their name on, they're like little stars of rock," said Mr. Donham.

Author Solutions Chairman and CEO Kevin Weiss, who holds or administers 13 self-publishing prints, said the firm will release more than 400 works by authors under the Age of eighteen this year. 12-year-old Ajla Dizdarevic from Waterloo, Iowa, who has herself written two volumes of poems, has been on TV and in regional papers.

When she wrote it, she said, "it was always a vision of mine. "She has three novels at the tender ages of 15.

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