Child Authors get Published

Authors for children will be published

So how do you get your children's book out? However, most authors do not fall into this category. Helps your kids become published authors. Do you like to tell your child tales? Did you create one that you want to keep in a current size album?

I' d like you to meet Miguel Coppedge. He is only nine years old, but he has a great fantasy and likes to tell tales. This passion for books and storytelling resulted in the release of his first children's illustrated novel, The Adventures of Fireman, the first in a line of tales that originated directly from the fantasy of a nine-year-old.

In addition to a hardback edition with beautiful artwork to tell the tale, his latest publication is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble! Think of giving your child the chance to become a published writer. Only a teenager when his famous Eragon was first published.

Wrote and published a range of books that have made him popular with teenagers and sci-fi enthusiasts. Young Authors helps to make your child's dreams come true. Publication of the last details: Look at these authors: Published in 1942, Daly was ascribed to literature at the beginning of the young adults genre.

She was a published, award-winning writer while still at university. When Alec Greven was only nine years old, he was writing an unbelievably informative self-help guide entitled How to talk to girl's! When his first novel was successful, he wrote: Francoise Sagan's 1954 Bonjour Tristesse followed a restless middle-class Riviera Rivalry, appeared as a youngster and became an immediate hit.

All these are samples of kids like Miguel, who had to tell tales and found ways to get their words into books and readers' thumbs. Look at these images of Miguel reading his own textbook in a class-room full of kids. So if you have a child who likes to tell a story or knows someone who does, you should have a look at our new young writers area.

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