Cheapest way to Publish a Book

The cheapest way to publish a book

It's not cheap to have your book reviewed by big industry critics. Complimentary cover design, formatting, publication and distribution in print and e-book formats. These are some design options for book covers, ranging in price from cheap to expensive:. The prices apply to a cover and pages that are delivered ready for printing. The pages and covers are ready to print and will be printed as they appear on your computer.

Cheapest way to self-publish a book

A recently released paper recounted to the reader not only the cheapest but also the "best way". So what does "best" mean for the public to whom the book is going to be distributed, and what does it mean for the writer himself? Maybe a doctor wants to publish a book on a life-changing medicinal hypothesis (I'm channelling Wheat Belly here, for example), or a well-known management advisor and motivation spokesman wants to escape to a new public and start his own line of work.

Probably these experts want their book covers to be in competition with the bestsellers of their genres, their page layouts to get their messages across in the best possible way (with some information styling and not just text processing) and their text to be clear, succinct and error-free. Pros at this skill set already know that you get "what you are paying for" and know that they need to make an initial capital expenditure to reach their best possible definitions.

However, to think that you can reach this standard of the "best" by going the absolutely cheapest way - just $100 for processing or $10 for designing the covers, as some authors have suggested - is at best a craps shoot and most likely a total wastage of the author's own work. If a writer with the right education and expertise - and whoever is professionally remunerated - meets a poorly edited script, the writer will discuss with the writer how to improve the book's stream, how to clarify the letter, and make specific proposals on how the script can make the most of it.

A journalist who receives a grand prize of $100 and whose first tongue is not the one in which the book is composed will at best make a courageous effort to correct the script but will not affect the problems that make the book inaudible. It is doubtful that the physician or management advisor has incorporated "illegible" in his definition of "best" for his work!

This $10 book sleeve can be built on the same pattern used for thousands of other titles. {\Look at my contribution and ask yourself if you have enough free space to study how to do it all, but here too it relies on the best possible definitions - most non-fiction requires illustration, spreadsheets, quotes citations and other designs to present the information it contains in the most legible form).

Inexpensive eBook converting probably does not take into consideration the encoding needed for sizing on different machines. In addition, the writers often neglect the amount of material and the amount of funding needed to promote the work. And, last but not least, the writer of the paper sold the Kindle edition of his non-fiction book on Amazon for 99c.

They have to be cautious here; while shoppers like bargains, they will also challenge the value and worth of a book from a supposed moneylender. You should also give your best possible explanation of the sales prices, a query that will help you to research the book category.

Before you do all this, you have a clear understanding of what the "best" book looks like to you and your reader, and realize that a $200-$500 book is unlikely to bring you your "best" book.

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