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Are you looking for high-quality, but inexpensive letterpress printing in large quantities?  Marcin, really good info here, and these are good companies to compare - thanks! Top Quality Custom Book Printing Fast and Cost-Effective! You can also make your book available as a print-ready pdf file. Since time immemorial, our regular customer base consists of authors who want to publish themselves.

Self-publication of your work for a global audience

Receive your free publication guides with recommendations, tipps and tricks from experts in the field. Receive your free publication guides with recommendations, tipps and tricks from experts in the field. Receive your free publication guides with recommendations, tipps and tricks from experts in the field. As the number of authoring tools available for publishing grows rapidly, NGP offers the advanced manufacturing, distribution and merchandising tools an author needs to build, distribute and promote his or her book.

The first self-publisher to launch a bookstore offering services, the first guaranteed shelving unit in award-winning bookshops and the first to introduce new eLending and electronic publishing systems, New Generation is the place for authors who want to be independent. There are seven different publishing package types tailored to the budget and needs of authors - Standard, Advanced, Premier, Book Seller, Bestseller, Bespoke and E-Book.

Parcels are only intended as a guideline and we can put together a tailor-made parcel if you like. We also provide a number of book distribution and author related mailing software products. We provide an editorial service for editors ranging from proofreading to complete criticism and reader reporting. Complete spectrum of on demand manufacturing service - from composition and artwork to complete and partially edit.

Choice of size and size from monochrome and color, paper back and hardcover, as well as printed and e-book versions. Global reach to 195 markets and a broad array of unparalleled channel advertising and promotion activities, includes news items, multimedia kit, trade and journal ads. One-of-a-kind book sale experience - a committed bookseller who visits single shops to sale your book.

Unparalleled bookstore services - guaranteed to get your book on the bookshelves of award-winning bookstores. A British resident business you can personally attend with worldwide marketing and printing capabilities. Competibly low prices to maximize revenues and royalties. One-to-one, one-to-one services with an expert publisher.

This will help you to address your reader more directly, to affect your artworks, prints and visuals, and above all it will help you to market your book. Specialized category genres often offer more book sales than generalized publications such as "Fiction". This is because they know what they like to read and don't have the extra amount of paperwork or cash to do it.

You want to know that it's a topic that immediately refers to you, that it "ticked all your boxes", so it would be a great way to promote your own book if you could find out what self-published works well (on this shelf). On a sub-genre level, it's great to be defined as a "first contact" sci-fi author. It will help you promote your book to a selected public and after a little research you can join boards, facbook groups, mailinglists etc. to get a better idea of how you can achieve your book when you are willing to promote it.

We' re here to help you attract as many new supporters as possible, especially if this is your first release. is a VERY LARGE part of self-publishing that is forgot and very similar to creating a website, you can't just place it out there and wait for folks to find it. We work with you to find out where your book will fit into the store, and we can help you succeed based on the package you decide on (and the amount of work you are willing to invest).

Our vast expertise in the publishing sector, as well as an appreciation of publishing traditions, has inspired our dedication to new writers. The book shows the downwards spiralling story of a scratched and selfish character who journeys from naïve excitement to desillusion through his human resources consulting at the turn of the 20th and 20th centuries.

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