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Are cheap booklet printing better? Yes, if you combine our fast, easy printing service, competitive printing prices, book designers, templates and high quality. Help make your book project easier to print and more affordable!

Help make your book projects easier to publish and more accessible!

Help make your book projects easier to publish and more accessible! We have been active in book printing since 1961. Using the latest on-demand printing technologies, we are able to manufacture our work. Our entire range of devices, whether it' s our own bookbinding, printing, offset and bookbinding facilities, or our design, typesetting and lay-out specialists and after-sales services, are all under one umbrella in our 35,000 sqm factory.

We use our on-demand printing method for small print jobs from 1 to 5000 pieces and our default turnaround is 5 to 7 business hours after your definitive Prooff release. Find out about our competitive prices and call us to speak to a true account manager so your order can start today.

On products and suppliers:

On products and suppliers: Of these, approx. 47% are letterpress, 3% booklet printing and 2% catalog printing. You can choose from a range of inexpensive letterpress printing alternatives, such as letterpress printing papers, off-set papers and varnish. We also offer printing in off-set, silkscreen and digitally.

Inexpensive letterpress printing, foil laminating, heat embossing or lacquering. We have 26,637 cheap printers, mainly in Asia. Principal supplier markets are China (mainland), Vietnam and India, which provide 96%, 1% and 1% of cheap printing. Affordable book printing is the most common in North America, Western Europe and Oceania.

Guarantee your products by choosing from among 8,350 with ISO9001, 4,135 with FSC and 3,893 with other certifications.

Low-priced book printing in China, Asia, Hong Kong, Indonesia

Affordable letterpress AND better quality! The cheap book printing is valid for all types of book in middle to high editions. Hardcover, Softcover, Boards or Wire-O Book (also Textbooks and Coffee Table Books!). They are typical letterpress formats, but you can cut costs in any genre:

They can be fabric-covered book (like a text book or novel), leather-bound (like a magazine) or with a print and laminate binding (like a photographic or artwork book). All hardcover booklets have end pages that help to stick the pages of text on the inside of the envelope. While these book jackets are usually very costly in the US, our cheap book printing resources in China and other places can make them at an astonishing price!

This book has a smooth cardboard binding. Upholstery is usually full-colour and laminated for long life. When the book has a high number of pages, the text pages and the envelope are often stapled and then backtack. You will be thrilled by the high standard of these book.

Bad softcover book qualities tend to break up slightly. We offer durable printing at reasonable rates abroad. This book has a paperback booklet. Upholstery is usually full-colour and laminated. There is a hidden Wire-O bindings with a flap that is hidden (the back is imprinted on the shelf).

These bindings make it possible to flatten the pages to perfection - a great benefit for a book such as a cookbook, magazine or schoolbook. With only a few school book printer in the U.S., they have the equipment needed to produce schoolbooks, and these must be reserved upfront.

The printing of textbooks is one-of-a-kind and very different from the printing of other types of work. Printing terms: You can find further print term samples on the page General print term. All our prints use lead-free and eco-friendly soy-based ink. Receive a book printing offer for your next book printing projects.

In our website directory you will find a full listing of the printing methods that Arful Dragon can provide.

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