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Publish your stories, poems, etc. here. The problem is, she believes that a male chastity belt is the best way to maintain her virtue. And the key, the Pepsi and the chastity. I' ve got three femdom stories on different pages.

The Mistress is a funny teasing and denial story, mixed in with some bondage and chastity training.

Fiction collection with chastity belts and equipment

Feminine chastity. with a feminine keychain: ...with a masculine keychain: Masculinity. With a feminine keyring: - by L.M.S. Never Say Never - Mistress Karen's "Pet" Male...with a feminine keyring and enforced feminization: This tortured, sodomised and feminised heroin - by S.M. Wedding Belle - by S.M. ..with a masculine keyring: Both, or indeterminate genders in chastity.

Submit Together - by Sam A. Hello Tech assistance?

Mistery Belt

The chastity girdle was one of my favourite subjects. I' ve been reading many stories of men and woman carrying them and I've always asked myself what it would be like to have one. I had several open debates and talks with others in the canal, expressing my interest in chastity harnesses, but I never saw this dominating woman I had always dreamt I would ever see me in a chastity harness made of music.

I had never felt my hand tremble before when I removed the two metallic parts from the case. A chastity sash! I didn't know the look, but I knew it had to be a chastity sash. The belts had no hook, notches or openings to hold them together.

There was a shallow front part, and inside a cavity was formed in the top, which was actually a pipe that went down and made a small cavity at the very bottom where the two parts would butt in. Knowing about other straps, I concluded that the cock should slip into the strap and point downwards when used.

Nothing else in the speaker could tell the user what the system was doing or how the harness would latch. Eventually I chose to try it on and keep it in place to see what it would be like. I' ve gone back to the girdle and put a little on the inside of the cane.

When I started to relieve the tension, I felt a vibrating and buzzing from my waist for about half a second. The two parts contracted quickly and clicking aloud as the parts of metals came together. Jumping off the walls, I glanced at the sash.

When I fought with the girdle, I felt quite aroused in the confinement of the girdle, but the girdle held me in. I needed something to help me break my girdle. It took a lot of effort to put one of the grips under my sash.

It all happened as in some of the fiction stories I was reading on various chastity belts pages. Eventually I found the hack saw in despair and tried to cut into the side of the waistbelt. I' ve been sawing for about 20 mins, but there hasn't even been a single scratches on the gleam. When you tried some other instruments to scrape the topsheet, only one bit was remaining.

I was trembling when I put the bit in the hole and started digging down into the top of the sash. There was not even a mark on the waistbelt. So I grabbed down and felt the soft, slightly curving surfaces; my mind started to beat again. When I was in the bathroom, I was reminiscent of the sash.

His chastity girdle was tight around my waistline and inseam. I knew from the stories I was reading that I had to take a seat to go to the toilet. So I watched as I normally do. Grabbing down to grasp the front of the girdle, I drew and tried -- and tried to get some encouragement.

I tried to get rid of myself for over an hours, but the girdle was too narrow and no stimulating was possible. There have been several unsuccessful efforts to tear off the strap, but it should not come out. On Monday, I wore my pants over my waistbelt and went to work.

I wasn't thinking about my work. I was thinking about my sash. "Thanks for wearing the chastity girdle I made you. There''s no way to take off the girdle. There' s no single piece of steel that can't be sliced! My fist hit me against the front of the waistbelt and the shocking situation went on.

I remembered the words in the note as I grabbed down to sense the sash. I have a tough, flat top that presses firmly against my own skin. I tried something else several days a week to take off my belts, but they were all in vain. 3. There was no way for me to take off my girdle.

I' ve put on my girdle and now I' m a prisoner. Anyway, that girdle you were wearin' was expensive. or I had to be tortures by this sash. It was a slow start to my life as I began to get used to the girdle. All this torture made me very arrogant, but I was quickly remembered of the chastity belts as the narrowness in my step became tight.

Your feet lay between my feet - the feet only centimeters away from my chastity-belts. I was in convenienced by the girdle because the inside held me in place. When I examined the boot more carefully, I realized that the shoes themselves were made of steel but very used. I was mad at the narrowness of my step.

I' d blow up in an instant if I could just get my ankle to hit me under my waist orbital. Pulling the ticker off her feet, I was relieved to hear her sighs as I began to rub her feet, taking care that it did not contact my girdle. But I didn't see how closely her feet got to my waist until it was too long; her ankle ended up right on the front panel.

Then she took her feet to my step by tapping the girdle with the bal of her feet and immediately put her feet on the ground and pushed the other one up. Gradually she came up to me and knocked her ankle on the sash. ls that gunmetal? I didn't know what else to do, and since I was turned on more than ever in my whole lifetime, I opened my belts gradually and sunk my pants - and unveiled the shining metallic belts in all their splendour.

Then she put her hands on the belts and felt the surfaces. "Removal of it? "she said as she went on inspecting the sash. So I began to tell her my tale as she kept scrubbing the top of the belts and then my ankles. She was very near before I knew what was going on - she rubbed herself against the front of the sash.

Your palms pull on the back of the band and cover my buttocks. I' m turned on by this girdle, like you don't know. You just better not find out what your girdle is made of. "Besides, the Gürtel is able to do other things. Slipped inwards, up and down gently.

Then I smashed my fist against my waist. "Then, the girdle was brought to live. Movement began again in the Gürtel and went on. Well, I blew up somewhere in the girdle. So I grabbed down and found a flow of liquid from the opening at the bottom of the sash. Rinsing the strap has proven its worth.

Couple and a half years since I walked into that chastity belted snare. Occasionally my manager knocks on the front of the waistbelt to see if he is still there and smiled. I paid $900 for that sash. I' ve asked Sonya several occasions to take off the girdle, but she would shocked me if I said it.

Put it in an electrical socket and put the other end into your sash. He slides into a small slit at the very bottom of the sash between his thighs. When I pushed the adapter into the girdle, it made a small clicking noise and did not come out.

Use is to keep the girdle on. When the adapter is fully loaded, it is free of the strap. "If you' re worried or think about not recharging the battery, I suggest you co-operate. This harness gives you a little bit of a jolt when you need to recharge it. Hopefully you can get used to it, because the whole of your body will be on you for the remainder of your lives.

Thanks again for wearing the belt."

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