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Author Character Organizer

A very detailed table below will help authors develop fictional characters that are credible, engaging and unique. It also includes a built-in generator and organizer (with a billion different ways!) to create your story. Creating characteristics is an essential skill for fiction writers. Free-of-charge chart to help you create and keep track of your characters.

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Characters table for fiction

Whether you're a novelist, author, short novel, script, TV show, game, web show, web show or blog-based fun, your character should come to life for your readers or audiences. Use the very detail table below to help authors create fictitious figures that are credible, engaging, and inimitable.

You can print this page to fill in the following forms for each character you have created. IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that all boxes are mandatory and should only be used as a guideline. Drawing diagrams should encourage you to think about your character in a new way instead of restricting your use. Enjoy getting to know your character!

Please let us know if this character table is of use! Are you looking for more character bows / characters? Full name of the character: He like the name? Is he renting or owning? Is he living with someone? Would this be his perfect home and perfect place? But if not, what would he/she like? If someone comes in, what's their first glimpse?

Is he/she driving? If he owns a goddamn thing, what is it? What does the character call the present husband or wife (nicknames, etc.)? Which is his physicality ( "thin, slender, sporty, curvaceous, obese, muscular, aso.)? Is he wearing spectacles? Who does he/she look most like (e.g. celebrity or relatives)?

What does he wear (mark as many as necessary): QUALITY: STYLE: Is the gown conspicuous? SPEECH AND LANGUAGE: Tempo (does he/she speak quickly, medium, slowly?): Explain the character's matutinal ritual. Describe the character's working day or afternoons. Is he/she working outside the house? Is he giving the work real focus and trouble?

Is he enjoying his work? Will he/she be good at this work? Is he/she stopping for dinner? Is he eating at home or going out? How does your character perform on a traditional night? What fun does he/she have? Is he/she usually falling to sleep properly or is he/she a sleepless person?

Most of his fantasies are creepy, pleasurable, sexually, imaginative? Is he/she sleeping well or badly (e.g. throwing & turning)? Where is he/she particularly untrained? If he/she attended much if any? Did he/she like it? So what was his first time having sex? What is he/she still affected, if at all?

Explain the mother's relation to the character: Explain the relation of the ancestor to the character: When he/she is adopted, does he/she know? All brothers and sisters (including ages and order of delivery, i.e. referred to the protagonist): Who else in the history is part of his big familys (e.g. cuz, aunts/uncles, grand-parents, etc.)?

Who if any is his best or closeest boyfriend? In general, how does he/she respond to the..... So what do most of us think is their greatest mistake? Well, if so, does the other one? Who does he/she dislike most and why? Who does he/she like the most and why? In his/her/its lifetime just now, and why?

Who does he/she adore (unromantically) and why? Who (!) is looking at an opponent and why? Most misunderstood or misjudged person: the most misunderstood or misjudged person: Did he lose contact with someone who was important once in his entire being? Who does he depend on most for hands-on advices?

Who is he/she most dependent on for his or her emotive assistance? Who, if any, does he/she assist (e.g. counselling or emotive support)? Are they optimistic or pessimistic? The most unpleasant when... (in the crowds, alone, in the open, etc.: in his attitude towards the world? Which do they value/prioritize the most?

In general, is he/she sympathetic, sensible towards others? He is embarrassed. What is his greatest shame? Which is his greatest wish? Do you think he believes in fortune or doom? Are you supersticious? The greatest asset of character: The greatest mistake of character: Other good qualities: Some other character flaws: What is his reaction to a meltdown? So what usually causes the complications in his lifetime (romance, finance, boyfriends, colleagues, lack of character, lack of good health, etc.)?

What is his reaction to changes? Which would he/she like to make the most of himself/herself and why? Type a section (~100 words) of the character that describes itself: Current targets: Longterm goals: Is he planning to reach these targets or does he consider them impossible? Is that important to the character?

What, if anything, prevents him from reaching these targets? Who is he most afraid of or fears? What kind of man in her whole being would she like to imitate? What is the least likely individual in her lifetime to want to emulate her?

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