Character Development Software for Writers

Authors' character development software

I tried outliners, storyboards and character designers. Perhaps the mysterious program that allows some authors to produce several books a year. This can help you to develop a well-structured action. If you want to put your hand on some character notes, you know exactly where to find them. Saving you time by developing your characters before you write.

Personal character development software

Prodcuts for creating a history overview, a place to put together searches, a lexicon application, spell checking and much more. What about your figures? Which do you use to design them, or just let them design. Hope? The persona is built on this concept: by categorising a character into an archetype, you can know their backgrounds, which in turn shows their motivation and allows you to forecast their behaviour.

In all honesty, it's the distinction between consciously creating a convincing character or the hope that the character develops the way you want it to. Go into your character's mind. Persona contains archetypical topics - good and evil boys. This archetype is described in detail: personal characteristics, skills, mistakes, backgrounds, professions and how they interacted with other people.

If your character is a smart speaking fishmonger or a marginalized homeowner, Persona will help you discover how each individual influences his or her own psychological and backgrounds. You can even see what happens when your character gets corrupted and changes from character and character to bad guy or figure.

Persona's archeotypes are made up of 16 males and 16 females, each group divided into characters, epic characters, bad guys and bad guys. The Persona is conceived in such a way that you can concentrate on the development of your character. Intelligent groups can be created using properties such as tag, gender, type, or any words or phrases from your memos.

When you' re not sure how your character will match, you can create ad hoc groups of undefined character relationships to investigate them. Although we recognize that many authors want their authors to evolve their character on the fly, we believe that an author should have the possibility to take their own character development approaches.

That' s why we have added persona to our line of products for creatively type. To create a convincing, sensitive and credible character in a storyline does not have to be a matter of coincidence - at Persona the decision is yours. Please click on the links at the top of this page to get a fully functional test copy of Persona.

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