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Making plots and characters is a craft. Like Dramatica, Contour etc? Also persona and character writer etc. Articles about character creation software, written by Roger Colby, Novelist. The features can include a word thesaurus, a twist generator or a character creator.

Character creation

There' re many, many ledgers about character creation, and we'll try to summarize character creation in a few short student memos, so please think of the limits of what we're doing here. There is no need to go through all these phases for all your camera personalities, this is directed at lying personalities who need to be faulty with inner conflict.

We begin with a wide brush stroke, then gradually fill in the detail and bury ourselves into the personality of the character until we find out what really motivates him, then we will continue to add spice and surprise until we have a fully shaped, contradictory, fictitious character with story, value and motivation. Film One: The game show launch.

We' ll begin with an introductory game show for your character: a simple phrase. She is a desperate homemaker whose best companion is her little terror. An instructor of German language with sweating underarms and many different cognomen. An ingenuous young nobleman with a goodheartedness. Now, take every words or group of words in the game show intro and ask and reply as many as you can imagine:

She is a desperate homemaker whose best companion is her little terror. Does she have kids? Is she a homemaker? She a good homemaker or a poor one? So how long has she been a homemaker? Tightest boyfriend is her little dog - What kind of dog? An instructor of German language with sweating underarms and many different cognomen.

Geographical Teachers - Is he a good instructor? Has he always wanted to be a schoolteacher? Sweating underarms - Why does he have sweating underarms? An ingenuous young nobleman with a goodheartedness. Prinz - Fürz von wo? You' re a shrink who's gonna interview your character. This is where you will have found an intrinsic value or characteristic of your character.

This way your character's mannerisms will (!) be real and not forceful (hopefully). We' re gonna begin with our depression-stricken homemaker. When you try to build a character that doesn't adhere to any stereotype (because a stereotype is not original, man), you will not only fight a lost fight, but if you are successful, what you end up with will probably be an incoherent and rattling character.

It is not the essence to make a character that is totally unique, but to take a stereo and distort it a little, to give it taste and singularity until you have something that is like a true being. If you have the feeling that you have found something, take another point and continue following it for a while.

If you go another way, you will find out another characteristic or belief, for example that your man hated your little dog, and that is a cause for conflicts in her being. Responding to a survey from a character's point of views, you can find out more about items in their lifestyles that you haven't thought about in detail by creating a more detailled, real-world being.

After all, it can be very instructive to create a complete story of your character, from childhood to the present day. Forcing people to think about what their families were like, what their families did, if they had brothers and sisters, how they lived in schools, etc. can make you adding many realist traits to your character.

At least one section about each of the following phases of your character's character's lifetime (until now - i.e. if they are a teen, just babies, children and teenagers):

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