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AN EXAMPLE OF A CHAPTER PROPOSAL SCHEME. Section Proposal for digital rhetoric and global literature: Could someone guide me or send me a suggestion for a book chapter? This proposal can follow the scheme used for the first three chapters of the completed dissertation. Considering that for the rest of this chapter we will focus on the answer.

Suggested research proposal | 9. Suggested chapter overview

Most likely less than 200 words, unless you already have a very clear blueprint in your head. Remark: This is like a temporary content page, but it doesn't have to be very generic and may at this point suggest paragraphs rather than chapter, but the scholars who read your proposal will be struck to know that you have an image of how you want to present your work and that you have an opportunity to translate your research to hard copy.

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If you send us an offer, please enclose the following: A summary of your suggested work. Please tell us what you would like to post about and why we should consider it. Describe what you will be covering in your textbook and how you will organise it. Please describe the public of your textbook and why it needs this one.

What makes your textbook different? What can the reader do after buying this volume that they could not do before? Remove the idea from your proposal and divide it into sections. For each chapter, add a few phrases that explain which topics you will deal with in this chapter. Please give us an impression of how many pages you are planning for your work.

Competitive ledgers. Please let us know which of your titles are in competition with yours and how yours would be different and better. Let us know the number of people for your ideas. When they are released, our writers proactively advertise their work. We would like to know how you would like to advertise your work. There is no need to see your CV, just tell us why you are the best individual to be writing this work.

Example chapter. We would also like to look at a 20-page example from your suggested text. Rather than mailing us Chapter 1, please provide us with an example from a later chapter that will give us a sense of the look and contents of your text. Ensure that your text example is in our style: accessible, engaging and tutorial-oriented.

Take a look at these examples from our book to get an impression of the way we wrote and the type of training we are looking for. Formatting. Type your example chapter and other materials using the familiar toolbox. When you log in to us, use our user-defined tool chain, which we then use to configure you.

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