Chances of getting a Book Published

Opportunities for publishing a book

Let's take another look at the chances of being published. Some facts have to be considered here: Sixty percent of authors fail on this premise. Sixty percent of the scripts and eighty percent of the novels are rejected because of poor structure. However, producing something mediocre will not increase your chances of publishing a book.

There are 7 ways to improve your chances of publication

Obviously you have authored an astonishing new book that will be published in Oprah's Book Club. Most authors are struggling with the launch of a book and it is painful for editors. Whether you like it or not, you will also need to include "Marketing Manager" in your CV. Craft these pendants and like it so that when it's your turn to throw your book, you can pass the following on to a publishing house.

Are you unsure what to write, check out some similar writers in your category. Do they write a more scholarly book and publish pertinent, informative papers? Whatever your book and its styles are, there's something for you to write. It' unbelievably simple to create a book téaser or a separate PDF excerpt of a comic.

In this way, you can give your audience a foretaste of your talents while at the same time gathering invaluable information and stats for your prospective publishers. They may also consider making a funny book trailers for YouTube. When you are a novelist or bloogger or a famous person with billions of fans, chances are you would profit from an agency negotiating the highest license fee.

When you are someone who is not very well known, you probably won't be better than the default 10 per cent. But after the successful completion of your first book, consider finding one that can help you find the right publishing house for you.

Your best way to find that out is simply to study; look at similar literature and confirm. It is completely decent toogle their name and e-mail them their work in a person. The greatest tool a publisher has to market his works is the writer.

If you are doing lectures, being interviewee on TV/Radio, talking at author workshops or blog about your next blog you have to be able to speak about your letter clearly and interestingly.

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