Chances of becoming a Writer

Opportunities to become a writer

What about the chances of becoming a bestselling author? " What can an author do to improve the chances of a publishing contract? FREE copy of "The Top Ten Mistakes Made By Writers. Whenever I teach creative writing, I always spend at least one lesson talking about the nuts and bolts of submitting a manuscript. When an agent takes your job, what are your chances of getting a publishing contract?

Which are the REAL chances to be a succesful writer?

Only in 1999 did I want to become a writer after my dad died out. My chances of being released were about as good as my lotto win. What about the chances of becoming a bestselling writer? Now, in mathematical terms, I had a slightly better shot of being torn to pieces by a wild boar and a polar bears on the same team.

But after more than 14 years with this "writer thing" I have a new outlook. But the good thing is that if we can make a good decision as a matter of routine, it is amazing how certain practices can tip the chances of succeeding in our favour. It' true to say that it is true to look at our chances of succeed.

And to be honest, this is NOT just for scribes. and NYTBSA Bob Mayer acquainted me with this concept. No. Authors only needed care, snuggling and help. For years I worked with self-proclaimed authors who declined to study, hear or even work.

If we begin to type, we probably face tens of thousands of other human beings who want the same dreams. The chances of being voted into Congress are quite simply better than meeting the NY Times bestseller lists. Like I said before, at the beginning we are probably dealing with a million other writers.

Yeah, million. It' esteemed that on the Americans say that one of these days they would like to compose a work. That'?s a lot of folks. Only 5% of the million who want to type will take the term seriously at all. Out of the hundred thousand who begin to publish a work, how many will actually end a work?

But how many will be able to take their dreams seriously enough to set limits for themselves, their families and the people they love? But the completion of a work is not all you need. It is imperative that we are able to produce a publication that complies with industry/reader-standard.

As I began to write, I thought that anyone who participated in a review group would be out there. They wanted to be bestselling writers. Or were they more in passion for the notion of being a bestselling writer than doing what was necessary to be successful?

There' have been a number of years when I felt very at home as a writer in a group.... but not necessarily a pro writer. And I kept asking the same question that was always overruled. He was a member of two groups and I had become very attached to this "writer's life".

We all talked about what we would do with our billions if we were taller than Dan Brown. Or, if we ever sat to post one of these words, we would insert about 30,000 words and then bang against a mural. But after four years of listening to the same speech from the same folks who bought the same books, I had a mischief.

It may not have made me a novelist and tech writer at all. Perhaps I had to take this bestselling authorhood a little more seriously and not count on blusters, BS and credit. Also, of the ten thousand authors who have written a novel, how many are reading handicrafts and are serious enough to take lessons, hear reflective criticism and participate in meetings?

From all these unsuccessful novelists, how many resolutely impressed are willing to pay their novel GOOD and wholesaler slaughtering to whole towns of Little Darlings? So how many of the creators who pull an agency ashore or are courageous enough to make independent or self-publication become deadly serious about creating a large online community?

Of the authors who are publishing and making online messaging, how many of them are effective naming their name, so that their name alone will become a bank-grade assets (as opposed to the simple way and spam everyone in sight)? From authors who are publishing themselves, how many will be investing in advanced editorial and coverage-style?

So if we really look at this fantasy, it is a shock to see all the different feet we have. I' m not saying it's simple to finish a volume. It is a tough and sacrificial task, which is exactly why most of us will never be real competitors.

If we begin and see all the million other authors, we run the risk of giving up or being overtaxed. If we concentrate on the choices we monitor, our opportunities are dramatically improved. Throw a few million men with a nightmare and only a fistful will end up shaking.

In order to tackle the issue, the French Foreign Legion set up large dark barrels of olive wood every few miles so that travellers could find their way through this vast area of almonds. Use it one barrel at a stretch. If you need help setting up a plattform and keep it EASY, get a copy of my latest human author in a Digital World on AMAZON, iBooks or Nook for my latest SMB/SB.

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