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Download Celtx, free and secure. The Celtx script editor is an industry standard screenplay editor that is typical for scripts, stage plays, AV scripts, comics or radio plays. We have CeltX shut down its desk top application, but we still have it.

CeltX, the free screenwriting application, has long since vanished from the CeltX website because it draws users' attention to its cloud-based services, which are free of charge but pay for. I know exactly three wealthy scriptwriters. "So when it comes to how much I can pay for screenwriting software," the response for most scriptwriters is something like this:

There are many colours to choose from, but one particular screenwriting suit that was the saviour of many a wealth-challenged scriptwriter over the last ten years was the above CeltX, the free screenwriting program that, as I said, has recently gone the way of "cloud phasing" from their desktop/downloadable/installable ver.

Designated as "a full-featured, full-featured pre-production suite ", CeltX contains authoring materials for movies, television and practically any other formats you can imagine. When it was a bit of desk top scripting it bridged the gulf between new scriptwriters who used bulky Microsoft Word artwork or had to fork over $250+ for Final Draft or a similar big name scripter.

So when they quit creating and maintaining the desktops and stopping making them available for free distribution (and indeed insisted on the same from many third-party websites that once provided the release ), there was a pretty big scream from a quota of CeltX people who really abhorred the notion of moving their entire script to the clouds.

Last April, the cloud-based screenwriting software scripting went down after a major engineering failure led to the failure of its server, back-up server and all its users' scripts. It was a final deed for many scriptwriters who wanted to entrust their scripts and the lessons, week and sometimes years of work they put into them to the foggy, relatively new "cloud" notion.

And even with a powerful computer and web design backgrounds since the very first web pages, I wasn't too anxious to trust the web to keep my scripts intact. When CeltX turned the corner forever - as they put it: "Development, maintenance and sales of their free screenplay softwares, add-ons and Celtx Plus" - many people were still in the freezing temperatures.

However, the options for most scriptwriters remain the same: (b) to use their cloud-based screenwriting application with or without CeltX. Sure, there was a third way: Slugline or FadeIn, or Trelby, or one of the many less common, less popular screenwriting applications out there. However, all these applications, no matter how well they were made or backed, seemed to compete for "oxygen" when it came to size.

The consequence of this is that many scriptwriters still know nothing about them. I' m the head of a screenwriting firm and a scriptwriter. Therefore it is of utmost importance that I have all available screenwriting applications and am proficient as I must be able to open and process screenwriting data of all kinds and tastes.

While I don't think every scriptwriter needs to have every bells and whistles in the full range of scripting tools available, I also strongly believe that no scriptwriter should ever use Microsoft Word or a Microsoft Word author. So, you could think that I was quite depressed that the desktops of CeltX had disappeared from the web with relatively few notations.

It' not the best screenplay program ever, but it was free and it was upstanding. However, recently, as a scriptwriter and performer, and especially as the operator of a scriptwriting firm, I have found that just unacceptable. Whenever a screenwriting application is free of charge or cloud-based, I have the feeling that a little bit of exposure goes out in the screenwriting world, making it increasingly difficult for new screen writers to gain a foot in a very, very highly competition-intensive business.

As an answer, I have made the old, unsupported, no longer undeveloped CeltX desktops available for free downlod. From what I can tell, they are the latest build of the firmware before CeltX has removed them from almost every corner of the network. By the way, I know you can still find CeltX desktops in some places, but I don't know how long, so I really just wanted to keep the heritage of Desktops CeltX here, just in case these shortcuts disappear one day.

Not to mention for any scriptwriter who wants to get in and write without having to spend money on a month's schedule or a large, inflated script suites that he doesn't need. IMPORTANT: Neither we nor CeltX can offer technical assistance for the desktops of Celtx, as they focus exclusively on supporting their new platforms.

Merry script writing!

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