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Locate the best logbook software for your business. Run the Verizon Connect Reveal LogBook ELD mobile application from the. Easily manage your service times with our Driver Dasboard and the fully editable electronic logbook. Easy upload of fuel and expense receipts via the app. With our electronic logging devices and elogs applications, it's easy to meet all ELD requirements.

KeepTruckin eLogbook in the App Store

Write your operating time on your phone or tray - a FREE digital protocol. I' m in violation. See your weekly working time and the available lessons today and in the KeepTruckin app. They can also send the minutes free of charge by e-mail or facsimile to an official. in case of deficiencies.

When KeepTruckin is helping you to create your protocols, please take a moment to check our app. Mainly because I've been used to doing it with my writing instrument for 10 years! So, I decide to try it for two weeks. There is a locate key in case you need to register a town.

But the best thing is when you're off or taking home with you when you go off for 3, 5, 10, 14 day.... it doesn't make any difference that it keeps you on this line until you do. When you are on your way to your premises and you want to download information..... simply add the information via your mobile or iPad or tray and you will have gained there.

At this point I would not return to the printed minutes. While I was driving for 10 h 30 minutes and before travel & 45 minutes I was stopping for my 10 hour rest then at the 8 hour I thought I could divide the lessons, which were obviously not possible, was driving a few seconds in the carpark, when I realized that it was not lawful, took a wholly 26 seconds to backstay, which I did,

Calling customer services for help, they said I had to sit another 10 h to get back on the road legally for a full 18 h for a 26 second error, so I said I wanted my wallet back, that I wanted to quit, but the owner was stubborn about giving them a break, but I had to leave, so he said that after an hours fight he would come back to me at last.

Goes to love Truck Stop and buy a guy for less than what I did for the year on Keep Truckin and keep the gear and no deal no monetary charge I did it in 15 min and was available today got the call from the Rep and tried to persuade me, but I liked my new application better, so she said to me that since I had no need to get my cash back and that I should have been reading the deal that there was no cash back.

But the fact that you can't fix an honest error like when you're on task speed and you stop to back up or unhook and you don't pay any attention and you even ride at 3mp it switches you on and off and if you intercept it a second later you can't fix it.

I' m also a driver, working as a crew manager on the street. As we move from car to car (sometimes several trips a day), Keep Trucking makes it very easy to keep up with the number of units, the travel time and the service that does not work. As a matter of fact, the mates just scraped through the keep trucksing protocols and focused on the driver who was still using them.

There' s no need to use hardcopies if they are available. Site This application can use your site even if it is not open, which can shorten your batteries time.

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