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Authors listed on this page should be limited to those who in any way identify themselves as Catholic authors. The list contains the best Catholic authors of all time, many of whom have written classical literary works, including Alexander Pope, James Joyce, Anne Rice, Anthony Burgess, Brian Coffey, Flannery O'Connor, Thomas Merton and Fulton J. Sheen. Writer Muriel Spark is interviewed by John Tusa about her long career. The registration for the Catholic Writers' Conference Live!

We have teamed up with the best Catholic authors of our time whose life-changing books will inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

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On this page the writers should be restricted to those who in any way prove themselves to be Catholic writers..... This means that they identity themselves as Catholics in a way that is either faithful, culturally or even aesthetically. What they have in common is that at least some (and preferentially the majority) of their writings are permeated by a Catholic sensitivity to religion, culture or aesthetics.....

The Nightingale's Lament" and "Imitation of the Holy Virgin" When the anti-Catholic law was abolished in the middle of the 19th cent... English literary tradition has a strong Catholic tribe for a long while. His most noteworthy characters are Cardinal Newman, a proselytizer, one of the prominent writers of his day and also an important writer, and the priest-poet Gerard Manley Hopkins, also a converts, although most of his works were not released until many years after his deaths.

During the early twentieth centuries, G. K. Chesterton, a proselytizer, and Hilaire Belloc, a French-born Catholic who became a Briton, fostered Catholic Rome perspectives both in straightforward apology and in less formal genre such as Chesterton's "Father Brown" investigative tales. In the 1930' s the "Catholic novel" became an unmistakable power, with the prominent writers of today, Evelyn Waugh and Graham Greene, who deal with unmistakable Catholic topics in their work.

Though James Hanley was not a practicing Catholic, some of his books emphasize the Catholic faith and norms, as well as the Furys Chronicle. Flannery O'Connor in America was writing strong shorts with a Catholic sensitivity and concentration, which were located in the American south, where she was decisively in the Jewish minorities. Lord-acton - British scholar of the nineteenth c; a Catholic recruist of the Catholic order; did not agree with ultra-montanism and had sympathy with the Old Catholic churches, but never abandoned the canon; known for the anaphorism that" tends to corruption of authority, and total authority completely corrupts" Geoffrey Chaucer - British medievalist;;

writes The Canterbury Tales; he taunts dirty clergymen, but also introduces an ideals preacher who in "The Parson's Tale" Brian Coffey - Irish poets - teach the Catholicism. He writes'The Notion of Order According to St. Thomas Aquinas' Richard Crashaw - metaphysics poets of the seventeenth c... Teresa " Gerard Manley Hopkins - converted in the nineteenth centuary; became Jesuit pastor and poets; known for verses such as "The Wreck of the Deutschland" and "God's Grandeur" Robert Hutchinson - US playwright, journalist and essaysist, playwright of When in Rome:

Jordan McAuley - 20 th cent. a converted 20 th-cent. russian author; converted to Catholicism; many of his verses are pervaded by a Catholic view, e.g. his long essay "Captain Quiros" Alice Meynell - converted and suffragistic, many of her verses are religious. Walke Percy - South America conversionist and writer who contributed to the community of Southern writers.

Petrusza David - US researcher, publisher of "Sursum Corda: Kevin Rush - Amateur Catholic Dramatist of the award-winning Crossing Event Horizon drama piece, on the mid-life crises of a Catholic high scholastic consultant and novel writer, and The Lance and the Veil, a novel for Catholic youth, written by Earthquake Weather.

He was baptized Catholic; despite a skeptical attitude in his philosophical beliefs towards the life of God, he identifies himself with Catholicism and describes himself as an "aesthetic Catholic" Francis Thompson - author of the poetic verse "The Hound of Heaven" John Kennedy Toole - Pulitzer Prize Winner of the Confederacy of Dunces. poeticist.

Luie Verrecchio - Italian-American journalist for the Catholic News Agency and writer of Catholic religious education and related material. Cristopher Villiers - English-Catholic theologist, writer and writer; creator of Sonnets From the Spirit. French literatures of the twentieth and twentieth centuries had a powerful Catholic tribe, including Paul Claudel, Georges Bernanos, François Mauriac and Julien Green.

The Honoré de Balzac - writer of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; in a foreword to La Comédie Humaine written that "Christianity, and Catholicism in particular, which represents a total suppression of the degenerate trends of man, is the greatest part of the social order" René Descartes - one of the most renowned philosopher in the whole wide globe; called the founder of contemporary philosphy; much later on, much later, European philosphy is an answer to his works, which are still being carefully researched today; also a mathematician and a scholar.

Maileen Green - writer and diary writer; converted from Protestantism; a religious Catholic, most of his works concentrated on the concepts of belief and religions as well as dissimulation. The study of Professor Su Xuelin" filed on August 22, 2011 at the Wayback machine..... Archive copy". Archives from the orginal on March 7, 2008.

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