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Who we are Seymour has been ranked as one of the top deal makers in the marketplace. Seymour was a member of the Autorengilde, the AAR, ACFW, WGA and RWA. In 2015 she was appointed AGENT OF THE YEAR by ACFW. Mary Sue graduated from the State University of New York and spent almost fifteen years teaching in a state education system.

During her lectureship she did her diploma thesis at the State University of New York. She enjoyed visiting the cathedral and sometimes went to worship in her Lutheran cathedral and then later that evening to the Contemporary Mass at St. Lawrence University near by. As a teacher at the Vacation Bible Schule, she also worked at a Catholic community college with her own programme of singing and arts.

Mary Sue also gave classes on Wednesday evening as part of the continuing education program at the State University of New York in Potsdam - her alphab. As a former schoolteacher, Mary Sue has also been giving personal classes in her home for over 20 years.

Two of Mary Sue's children, Matt and Luke, whose names are after the evangelists, are their proud and glad. Matthew, a Clarkson University alumnus, currently resides and works in Baltimore, MD. At Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, Luke was playing D-1 football. In our heart, their agents always bear their heritage and visions.

ACFW Publisher's Marketplace ranked Nicole as the country's top deal maker and appointed ACFW Agents of the Year 2012. HEA's are a must for romantics. Presently on their wish list: High-Concept middle degree, any kind of romanticism, and really crisp vocals in YA. Nicole, like Mary Sue, was a teacher in the state education system and wore many a hat before following her vocation to become a literary apostle. She will be Mary Sue Seymour forever.

" Most recently Julie Gwinn worked as Marketing Manager for the Christian Life line at Abingdon Press, before that as Trade Book Marketing Manager and subsequently as Fiction Publisher for the Pure Enjoyment line at B&H Publishing Group, a division of LifeWay Christian Resources. She was named Editor of the Year last year by the Christian Fiction Writers and won B&H's first Christy Awards for Ginny Yttrup's first novel Words.

She took her romanticism and made her a member of RT Bookreviews as a romantic critic. Since 2011 she has been an editor at St. Martin's Press, where she worked with Romanticism, YA, non-fiction and women's literature. Then, in 2015, Liczie became the e-book initial co-ordinator for SMP Swerve, assisting in the introduction of digitally only Romantic Masthead.

Her love for classical romantictropes, powerful dialogues, cheeky heroes, ingenious jokes and good old-fashioned romanticism. She is active in search of inspiring romanticism, cosy enigma, New Adult, YA, romatic tension, historic and modern romanticism and likes everything that has a lucky ending. No poems, storybooks or literary stories, please. Wainscott is the USA Today best-selling writer of over thirty romantically thrilling and excitingly cold stories.

She is an operative looking for self-help articles that inspire individuals to do their best and master the demands of the world. Tina said: "When I thought about becoming an operative with this astonishing company, I knew what my area of interest would be once Nicole named "self-help" as one of the areas she wanted to work on.

Although I keep writing my own fictions, I am also involved in my own journeys through the world. Restrict your requests to self-help/non-fiction book. There are no memoir (unless it is about using your life/experience as a learning resource or you are someone of importance), poems or children's livret. It' even fictional spirituality.

She has five years of professional expertise in some of the world' premier publishers. She is particularly interested in a broad palette of illustrated and cookery textbooks, with a penchant for writers/illustrators of cute and crazy illustrated and cookery textbooks with tasty prescriptions from health-conscious, budget-friendly or prominent chefs.

She is also interested in literature, medium class and YA with sci-fi/fantasy, horror/suspense, or modern tendencies and sophisticated women's literature with a wit. She supervises research and innovation in research and innovation and is in charge of managing the Agency's endeavours to identification, information and involvement of the literary world.

The agency's effort to promote alphabetization includes setting up the agency's alphabetization campaign, assisting writers in their typing activities through motivation sessions and conducting plots related workhops. She is a best-selling writer for the New York Times and USA Today. She has worked as an internship editor and freelance editor for several publishers since completing her degree at the University of Kentucky (Go Cats!) and gaining her University of Chicago editing certification.

Throughout her career she acquires MG, YA, and adults fantasy/science fixtures and she is always looking for a sinuous and curvaceous tension or adventure story with powerful feminine heroes. And she also likes a classical one that is happy after a romantic or ripples with a good secret. She' also an associate member of the Louisville Literary Arts.

Her work has included new scriptwriters, experienced scriptwriters, as well as New York Times and USA Today bestsellers. She holds a B.E. from the Universidad de Manitoba, where she specializes in English and French. A graduate in Advance Arts Literatures at the Institute of Children's Books, she graduated in child and youth composition.

Your two mintees bought an operative. Lynnette is interested in thriller, psychologic tension, phantasy, sci-fi, modern romanticism, romatic drama and mystery (traditional, ham detective and cozy). She searches in young literature for: thriller, psychologic tension, horrors, mystery, sci-fi, imagination, history and modern. Graduating from Taylor University in 2017, with a professional writing diploma, Jessie's vision was opened to her ideal career while studying about Frahlingen at university.

She' s interested in YA and New Noble Imagination, as well as modern romanticism, romatic tension, romatic drama, a brains Twister (Think Inception or Black Mirror), and is a nipple for soldierly novels, especially anything to do with long breakups or reunifications. She has a passion for the book business, which lead her to a successful stint in publishers, where she gathered various experiences at Skyhorse Publishers, first as a marketing and distribution assistant before joining the Sky Pony Press team.

She is active in the search for YA of all categories, Adult SFF, Romance of, and choose Articles. She searches for cookery and couchtables and gifts in the section of non-fiction. If she doesn't work, she does novels for young people. They are often found when you play videogames or scream about comics.

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