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Self-published for Catholic authors. A Catholic publishing house with high-quality books. Find out why you can save big with the best vouchers from Catholic Book Publishing Corp, discounts and voucher codes from Catholic Book Publishing Corp. The review is for the Roman Missal Catholic Book Publishing Chapel. Catholic Book Publishing Corp view location, income, industry and description.

We' re not the publishers, we`re selling their titles in the shops.

We' re not the publishers, we`re selling their products in-store. Owners of a retailer bankroll with this publishing house and those who wish to request an bankroll must directly approach this publishing house. Phone 973-890-2400 Facsimile 973-890-2410. There are no individual pieces for sale. You must therefore order 10 or 20 or 50 of the 99 headings on the next two pages.

Ordering by e-mail[e-mail protected] with details of track number, name and prize as well as invoicing by bank cards and book delivery URL. Cheques, currency or payment instructions for orders from the USA with a $4 delivery charge should be sent by post: If you use a plastic card[Email protected] Non-credit orders should be sent to the United States by cheque, wire transfer or bank transfer from any country at the U.S. $4 plus the U.S. $4 plus the U.S. currency conversion rates.

1-4 pound to Canada will cost $11.95 shipping. Multiple ledgers with a weight of 5 to 20 quid are $27.95 shipping to Canada. It costs the remainder of the game $43.95 for a 5 to 20 pound carton. Airmail was sent from school.

Self-publication by the Catholic Church

All in Bronze Pack plus: All in Silver Pack plus: memoriam abundantià suavitatis tu� euctabunt et ustitia � exeulta. "They' re going to release the reminder of the fullness of your sweetheart. Each of our projects includes a full Catholic proofreading of each page by one person, including Catholic probity, professionally written pleading, authoring assistance, ISBN and barcode, three free authors' copy and three free authoring and merchandising service!

Have your script examined by Catholic scientists and safe yourself several hundred bucks if you post it here!

Self-publication by the Catholic Church

What is Catholic self-publishing? To start your book projects, please start by selecting a bundle. We' ll check your manuscripts for Catholic doctrine and offer premium editing. Next step is to pick the envelope theme and envelope option. We' ll work with you to make your book just right and submit you an accurate copy.

As soon as the book is put up to your contentment, we get it in print and hardcover â" and you have your own book in your hand. We will then use your promotional material and advertising opportunities to bring your book to market. You can see that this is not really "self-publishing" because you use the knowledge of a specialist publishing house instead of doing it alone â" it is a mixture of authoring service and tradition.

I am the way, the truths and the life" (John 14:6). Catholic should want to have their works checked for orthodox. It is important to check your book for religious and moral probity, but the Peer review is what makes your book truly slick.

All of our products include this reviews and editorial analyses, which gives you the option of having your book processed in a professional manner as an option. At one point the church took the written term so seriously that it issued a list of outlaws. Just a hundred years ago, the Holy Father ordered the Catholic Church to" avoid reading writings....when they are made public and to stop their publishing if they have not done so" (Pascendi, n. 50).

Pope Pius X must have had our own time in the forefront when he further stated that the same choice should be made about the scriptures of some Catholics who, although not ill-disposed, are ill-informed in theoretical study and permeated by contemporary philosophical ideas, but seek to reconcile this with belief and, as they say, transfer it to belief (Pascendi, No. 50).

In keeping with the longstanding Church mindset, which always seeks to protect our soul, we incorporate a Catholic Integrity Check into all our parcels. The work of charity will help you, the Catholic writer, by giving your readership the certainty that your work is in accordance with the doctrines of our sacred faith.

Maybe God is inviting you to use your Catholic hearts to use you as His tool to promote His earthly world. It is important, as our protector, Pope Leo XIII, said, that Catholics confront the bad news through a media that is good for defending the truths, for loving the faith and for safeguarding the Church's rights" (Dall'alto Dell'apostolico Seggio, n. 9).

Are you going to post anything? We' re not like the other boys who just press and tie whatever they have in front of them without even having to read it. There' s got to be a cheque, a financial statement, or a publisher's just a bar tab. We' ll proofread your script, similar to a conventional publishing house, but we'll work with you to make your book self-published.

As soon as your script has passed the test for Catholic probity or has been edited, you have full command of the proces. Conventional Catholic publishing houses just cannot allow themselves to release most of the scripts submitted to them. That means that Catholic writers have locked many of today's door.

We' ll release your book as soon as it has passed the Catholic exam. Are you just checking the text of the book, or are you also checking the book for Catholic intactness? We' re also checking the lid. Irrespective of whether the text has passed a Catholic test of authenticity, the title page must not be offensive or outrageous.

Yeah, we're judging a book by its jacket. That Catholic book would not pass our book lid integrity test because the titles and subtitles are offensive. This" Catholic" book would not passed our test of probity for evident reason. What makes you say that you pay more attention to Catholic integration than Catholic Orthodoxy?

One of the definitions of "integrity" is "the observance of morally and ethically sound standards; the state of the whole; a sane state. "We use a working concept of openness as "observance of the Catholic faith and morals". The Catholic inviolability is both obligatory and at the same token a liberator. You do not need an enquiry or a covering note.

We' ll start by examining your work. A nonrefundable $95 exam fees are provided as part of the price of the work. If I want to withdraw from my book after submitting the work? We' ll reimburse your down payment less a non-refundable $95 penalty resulting from the verification of your work.

Well, what if I want to make it big and go with another editor? We do not have an exclusively publishing license, i.e. you can terminate your license at any moment and make it public with another person. At the same a different release or a different file size can be published.

This is a peak evaluation? It is a procedure in which other writers examine the work in questions. Aim of the evaluation is to improve the work. People reviewing the work ensure that the focus is on the volume of work; in particular, they verify the contents of the work for precision and reality.

Most importantly, we concentrate on the appropriateness of your book for the Catholic population. What is the discrepancy between a Catholic health test and an editorial examination? Catholics do not test for punctuation, use of words and syntactical inaccuracies. It checks whether your script is free of teaching and ethical mistakes and that the work in these areas is not inconclusive.

Editorial analyses, on the other side, are a check of the work to find out which editorial layer is best suited for the work. That is no longer an optional extra and your book will benefit from the advantages of our expert editorial staff. Which are your skills to define the Catholic righteousness of a script and its balance in dealing with a subject?

We are a group of Catholic theologians, especially in Catholic marriages and married people. Several of us regularly publish articles for Catholic journals, others are writers and orators, and we have editors. They also have a wealth of backgrounds with catechetic education or have completed studies in progressive thisology, Romance philology, ecclesiastical studies, writing and exegetics, patistics and Catholic doctrine and sociology (especially in the papal encyclical works of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries).

You' re a publishing house for conceit? In order to see the conceit highlighted for the scam it really is, look at the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America's article on conceit publication, available on their website: http://www.sfwa. org/for-authors/writer-beware/vanity/venity " editors are interested in your wager. They' re printing and selling them to you, the bookwright.

You would need a fiscal licence from your state if you tried to buy these works yourself. Self-publication is a much better way forward through collaboration with a hybride publisher that uses both the analytical and commercialization of conventional publishing and the cutting-edge innovation of short-run print.

We' re checking your work for Catholic uphold. We' re a publishing house, but you are paying the publishing fees. In this way, you have complete command of the entire procedure. This also gives you a genuine chance to be released. Unless your work contradicts the Catholic faith or morality and does not suggest a strongly imbalanced way to address this issue, we will be publishing your book.

Both of these stages enhance the professional quality of your work and let the reviewer take your book seriously. When can you get my book out? It will depend on the book sizes, the number of available options and, above all, your prompt response throughout the entire book creation proces. A 100-page, monochrome book usually lasts four to eight-month.

Publication of a book earlier than three month would be very hard. You, the writer, must review the script; the proposal must be set by one of our employees by hand; the layout of the envelope must be determined; the documentary evidence must be electronically verified.

It will take some patience, but in the end you will have your book of your dreams in your hand - with your name on the frontpage. We have book publishing ventures lasting between three and nine month. As a rule, conventional publishing houses need 18 month to release a book from the date of signing the author's deed.

If you need my book by Christmas, how soon do you need my script and prepay? Later, and we cannot confirm that your book will be available for Advent/Christmas purchases. Are book critics who are writing for major Catholic publishers going to check my work? To have your book examined by professionals, we suggest the following process:

Compose your manuscripts. Forward it to a familiar guide you know: a cleric, a sound Catholic lay person, another author. Inquire them to examine the work and give you his or her sincere opinions. It is the first of its kind. "Please submit it to us to start publishing. We' re checking it for Catholic probity.

As soon as your script is at this professional standard, book critics will take it seriously. You will also get our Catholic publishing e-book â" available from the end of June! If I am on Amazon, B&N and other sales channel listings, will I be selling tens of thousand copies? There is one business that says your book will be available in more than 60,000 bookshops!

" Only because a self-published book is available does not mean that it will be ordered. The majority of self-published writers, no matter what organization they decide to work for, are selling several dozens of them. Some writers are selling a hundred to two hundred works if they advertise it well. A very few are selling more than two hundred, and a minute percentage are selling tens of thousand of them.

Where do I find many of them? Nowadays, the e-book describes the catholic literary community and how to promote oneself. It' a free of charge for writers who are completing the publishing with us. During the publishing of the work, we will ask you how you wish to protect the work by means of copyrights.

The front subject is the footage in front of the text of your book. The" About the Author" section is usually located at the back of the book. Is it possible to make an index and insert it into the back of the book? before the Catholic test of probity is made.

Continue and load it up with your script. Concerning book jackets we are accepting. pages per page, document,pt. and. If you want to use a book artwork as it is, we approve only . PPD (Photoshop®) and . pdf (please adjust to press quality, CMYK, 300 dpi). Which kind of piece of paper will the inside of my book have?

Which kind of envelope will my book have? Which are the possibilities for my covers? As you are in full command, you have the following possibilities for your book cover: You can use your own designers and load up your own covers files; let us make your covers as professional as you want them to be. Are you using inexpensive external material to produce my book?

Our high-quality, acid-free papers and print orientation monitoring processes exclude bookbinding and print orientation issues. How big will my book be? Have I fixed the selling value of my book? Yes, and we will tell you the reserve selling rate. We' re proud of our short-run book because it allows the writer to fix a sensible selling rate for his book.

Using the print-on-demand approach, the pricing must be artifically high to take piece costs into consideration. When your clients are Catholic families, your accounts must be payable. Is it possible to create my own publisher's name on my book? We do not. Our service includes an assessment by a Catholic academic and we are very proud of our work.

You as the contributing writer, however, have full patronage over this procedure. Any other publisher would void the ISBN, barcode and LCCN numbers. The license fees amount to 10 per cent of the book's selling prices, whether it' s retailing or wholesaling. We pay license fees for the accounts we distribute through our marketing channel.

There' re two writers on one book. There' s a small charge for this option to pay for the surcharge. Any other licensee must subscribe to the publishing agreement in conjunction with you, the principal publisher. As soon as you have earned more than $10 in license fees, we will notify the IRS as needed and send you a 1099-MISC from IRS.

We' ll enumerate your book and provide it to our publishers without cost. Some self-publishers calculate $25 per year to include your book on their website, even though they have no stock. After you have paid the cost of the parcel and all the optional items you choose, we will make a small first edition of these.

For this we use the cash from the parcel prize.

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