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Catch the right Card Writer job with company ratings and salaries. Did you ever wonder how you can get paid to write greeting cards? That woman makes over K writing greeting cards When you were at the pharmacy looking for the ideal Valentine's Day card, did you think about who made it? When you purchased a Hallmark card, it could have been Diana Manning, who has worked for the firm for more than 30 years and has produced two to 20 maps per week. A Hallmark card could have been a Hallmark card.

"Business insiders in the US earn an annual median of $51,000," said Business Insider based on payroll information. Being a writer (and a fan of smart cards), I thought it sounds like a captivating work. Would you like to write greetings postcards for a livelihood? While Hallmark is not the biggest card maker - this track goes to American Greetings - it still earned $3.8 billion in 2014.

It was my first stop on his website and I was thrilled to see that some write jobs are actually available: Writer: Under this heading you will prepare "Texts and ideas for Hallmark related projects and services". They must have a Bachelor's or three years' write credits. Next I was checking American Greetings, but there were no vacancies.

Greetings needs a full-time copywriter, and Greetings Graphic Arts has an up-to-date listing of card publishers looking for entries. Are you at the beginning of your free-lance work? And finish those silly spells! And would you make a livelihood by sending greetings to people?

Became a trademark greeting card writer

As a child Keion Jackson began to write poems, shorts and theatre pieces. He is now a writer at Hallmark. As Keion Jackson, 29, says, empathy is a big part of being a greeting card writer. "I began to listen to the message differently," Jackson says, and adds that his mother's maps - which he rescued - are echoing on an emotive plane.

That' s what made him the ideal partner for the greetings card business. The $8 billion card writing community provides a variety of opportunities for up-and-coming card printers, from their own small etsy store to working for a card store and a major card maker such as Hallmark or American Greetings.

Remuneration may vary from publishers to publishers, according to the Greeting Card Association, but generally authors can anticipate that they will get between $25 and $150 for an acceptable entry. In the second class Jackson started to write poems, shorts, theatre pieces and songs, and it was a pastime that stayed with him.

Later, he graduated in popular art at Clark Atlanta University, where he perfected his skill in condensing and writing texts that appeal to a wide public - abilities that turn directly into a greetings card author. In September 2008, a postgraduate traineeship at Hallmark resulted in a full-time position in the Group.

Its aim is to create a note that is so fun or heart-warming that it will be added to Hallmark's spelling data base, where it may be placed on a card and finally on sale. You have to get out of your own mind sometimes, Jackson says. He was hired to send a Valentine's card the next morning after a breakup.

Jackson also advises practising pens such as rhyme and metre verses, pictures, allusions, metaphor and parables.

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