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Publishers are constantly changing and authors are wise to take the time to choose carefully which publishers to contact. The search results include the name and address of the Canadian publishers, contact information and a hyperlink to the publisher's website, if available. Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP) is the national voice of English-speaking Canadian book publishers. Funding to support the activities of Canadian literary magazines or book publishers. A lot of Canadian non-fiction authors are amazed at the rejection they receive from publishers to whom they have submitted a proposal or manuscript.

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Achadada and Ahadada publish magazines both on-line and in printed form. You present broad sides, restricted chapterbooks and perfectly hardcover works of various literature types. Anvil Press's mission is to identify, develop and foster new and existing Canadian literature talents. The Arsenal Pulp Press is a Vancouver, Canada-based publishing house with over 160 publications that range from literature and literature to culture, literature, gender study, multilingualism, travel guides and cooks.

Each year Benchmark is a small, independant publisher that produces several literature and historic non-fiction under its own name. Most of the media is in the genre, but specialises in Canadian author or oriental music. The Breakwater and Labrador Book Company was established to provide publications and resources that preserve the unparalleled cultures of Newfoundland and Labrador and the maritime kingdoms. these publications and their writers. a multitude of postsecondary publications. jsp produces literature and video with a special emphasis on Cape Breton.

Coaching House exclusively produces Canadian lyrics, literature, artist literature and dramas and is particularly interested in novel or experiential work. Cormorant' s remit is still to release the best new work in the field of literature and nonfiction for the adults' world. The aim of Adobe is to promote the Newfoundland and Labrador book publishers by providing top class literature and culture and active support for its writers and their works on domestic and global marketplaces.

It is a small newspaper with a special interest in basic issues of societal equity, fundamental freedoms and divergent approach to capitalistic structure. The company was founded as an independant, artistically managed, multi-media and literature publishing house. The Dundurn Group was founded to make Canadian biographies and histories accessible to a broad audience. Policy, story and life were part of the initial commission, but were quickly extended to literature and fine writings and large illuminated textbooks.

The Edge Group specialises in sci-fi and phantasy publishing, created by individuals who take charge of reading, writing, writing and selling novels. Founded in 1978, Guernica Editions has released more than five hundred tracks from around the globe. Approximately 100 publications per year with renowned Canadian writers.

The MQUP is publishing originals, peer-reviewed, high-quality literature in all areas of the fields of science and the arts. MacGraw-Hill Ryerson releases Canadian teaching material. Headquartered in Edmonton, NeWest is one of the most sustainable and prestigious literature magazines in the state. Whilst NeWest is still a westerly media, in recent years it has extended its remit to include works from all over Canada.

You are a publisher of Canadian novels, non-fiction, poems and dramas. The Northwest Passages is the only bookshop in the whole word that specialises exclusively in Canadian writing, poems, drama as well as review. Publicises books for young people and adults. The Pemmican supports the cultural and historical development of Métis through its books, many of which present the tradition, the arts of verbal narration, life in tune with the natural and environmental environments and the wealth y and vibrant legacy of the Métis of Manitoba province.

Publicises a broad variety of publications addressing questions of societal importance to Canadians. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based Purich Publishing Ltd. specializes in abstract, law and West-Canadian literature. Republishers' Group is a non-profit organisation devoted to supporting Saskatchewan publishers and supporting the Saskatchewan publishing community.

Sybertooth, Inc. is a small New Brunswick publishers of literature, non-fiction, poems and young people's literature. The Tundra is devoted to the publication of childrens literature.

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