Canadian Children's Book Publishers Accepting Submissions

Children's book publishers in Canada accept submissions

Most of our publications are by Canadian authors. No unsolicited submissions or requests will be accepted by HarperCollins. At the moment we accept samples of unsolicited manuscripts. A Canadian feminist press that publishes books of particular interest to women.

Entries - Douglas & McIntyre

Accepted scripts are sent in without request and we periodically recieve more than 1,000 per year, which we handle as required. Most of our publications are by Canadian writers. Submittable is accepted for submissions electronically. Submissions by e-mail are no longer accepted. Hardcopy submissions by post are still accepted. If you are interested, please start with a cover note containing an overview or a short abstract, biography, possibly publishing notes and a specimen of the work.

Please submit your entry to: Do not just include your name and your postal adress on the script, not just the covering and inscription. While we will make every reasonable endeavour to ship the material back on request and enclose a prepaid and addressable SASE, we cannot warrant this. Submissions are at your own peril, even if the media has expressed interest.

After receipt of your script you will get a letter of acknowledgement within two month. In case the media is interested in releasing your work, you may be asked to send in an authors' survey with a list of past releases, important stats, etc. Or we can make proposals on how your script can be modified to make it easier to publish.

Nothing of this is an obligation to release the work. Our complete sales service is available throughout Canada and, if necessary, in the USA and Great Britain. Multi-lingual and supplementary copyrights (film etc.) are promoted on an active basis. Journalists prefer to buy global copyrights to the work and pay license fees customary in the work.

Advance payments are verifiable, depending on the book's business value.

submissions policy

To view our products, please see our onlinecatalog. Please prove in your covering note that you have studied at least three of our titles in the category of your inscription. Entries must contain an address and a prepaid return voucher. No more than one script at a stretch.

More than one script in an cover will not be considered. Please note that we do not take submissions electronically. Textbooks: Contributions from authors and illustrations are welcome. Authors should send in an abstract. Authors should not consult an illuminator. When your book script is approved for publishing, we will ensure that it is properly commented on.

If you are going to enter your textbook novel, please do not page. Enclosed if you are a freelance artist who submits a book of pictures, please enclose the script and a book with at least three full-colour images. and fiction: We kindly ask you to send in the first three sections, a section overview and a chart summar.

Only Canadian writers are accepting YA literature. Please provide a chart overview, a overview of sections and two example sections. No information book is published. Accepted textbook and pattern illustration work. Samples are kept for future use. For submitting a book of pictures, please read the instructions for photo albums above.

Send the samples to Carol Frank, our Art Director. Submission by non-canadians: We cannot work with non-Canadian writers unless they are chapters to be commented on. While we can submit photo albums, we make very few photo albums per year. Previously unreleased writers are encouraged to join the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

We have offices throughout North America and around the globe in many parts of the globe. Include a covering note with information of relevance, which includes your own experiences with authoring and publication. Entries must be sent to:

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