Can you Write a Book

Could you write a book?

You can also get a publishing contract and discover how stingy your progress can be. They only become authors through the act of writing. It is your golden opportunity to stop talking about writing a book and actually doing it. Well, some would argue that you can simply write a book by planning some sexy chapter headlines, dictating your material and then giving it to a publisher.

Writing a book in two wards

Write makes you known. Write, if done right, will give you a flow of new customers. I' m getting more customers from guys who find my blogs than any other one. Book Yourself Solids System is one of the seven key self-portrayal strategy to establish itself as an authoritative and win more customers.

That, my boyfriend, is why typing is important for the growth of your company and why you need to write. Write, you get posted (or you get yourself posted, or you blogs or posts a guest) and folks get to know about you. A few of these will be potential customers. Several of these interested parties become customers.

However, typing can be hard. It' worthwhile and it is worthwhile to write quickly, because if you can write quickly, you can write on a regular basis. You can write on a regular basis, put yourself out there. Once you're known, you're well known. The most prolific Barbara Cartland would write a book every two weeks.

I' ve recently written a book, and I didn't, but I'll certainly do it for my next work. No. Because I lacked an array of shorthand writers and a personal assistant, I confined myself instead to a sweat and slightly smelly room in Malta and turned down 50,000 words of How To Get A Grip within two wards.

There is a lot of softwares you can try out. It is the most important technology for fast typing. There are free gadgets. Don't be worried about what you write, just write. A fortnight later you have 50,000 processed words. Write with a text editors, like Q10 or WriteMonkey or OmmWriter - anything that provides a full-screen, distraction-free editing area.

It' gonna help if you're a little bit diverted like me. New in my armoury is Scrivener. This allows you to gather your thoughts in a folder and also provides a full-screen write workspace. There is no need to write 50,000 words for most of you, but if you can produce 500 words in half an hour, then you have become your own advertising maschine.

Describe and be free, brothers. Writing and being free.

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