Can Write my Story

I can write my story

Hey! I'm the only one who can write my story. " If you write my story, I won't die." I' m going to write my story, because every life is a story to tell. Every phase of life is a chapter, a secret waiting to unfold.

How can a person be positively influenced if he faces a painful story?

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The Ovdan Eilat, the International Conference on Loss, Sorrow and Human Strength, ends as I do. This was a hard but precious insight into the life of those who grieve and those who help them. "I' m here to split my story," I said, "and to debate my new children's novel If You World My Story, and what I learnt about mourning before, during and after I wrote and shared it.

"More than forty years ago, my sad history began when my little boy was drowning. Forty years forward, and I have three children. "When I left the infirmary in shocks, I realised that my children did not have so many fond recollections of my mother. During the Shiva I realised that my boyfriends all had beautiful recollections of my mother.

A friend of mine, an out-of-towner who went to New York University, said that they had many who had invited them to Shabbat, but only my mother felt like a mother to them. She photographed at marriages and sometimes got them albums within a weeks while they were waiting for the pros to release the "real album".

She knew the children's name, birthday and what they were planning, and she always shared her happiness with them. "My children did not have these tales, and to be frank, I had difficulty myself with them. And so I began to write obsessively, over a hundred pages, free associations of thoughts and recollections about my mother and my sibling.

"And then I realised that many had the same needs as my own and my own little ones, so I started to write a script to help those like us. The Jews are more focused on having a family. As long as his babies are alive, he's alive. That'?s what the script is about. The pages of the textbook showed how the students of different age scribbled, drew or made a tape about their grandfather.

Our mother in the text is the one of us who have these contradictory sentiments. "Mourning for the child says that you have to make it clear that the individual is deceased. One of the greatest concerns I've been hearing about this is that it implies that the individual is not corpse.

However, the volume makes it clear again and again that the individual is gone and only the memory remains. He' s been kissing us all and telling the children to gamble. "Michael said, "He is alive," said Mama, her eye is all reddish, "but in this meeting I listened a great deal to mourning men who talk about God, always in the male and always about dying.

"He made a videotape that the children could see after his death. "I' m not dead if you keep telling my stories. You use my history as a guideline. When you tell your children how we have been living and why: "The National Alliance for Mourning Children is listing things that mourning children would like to know to the grown-ups.

Often mourning kids want to tell their stories and speak about the deceased one. The possibility to tell your own tale is often an advantage for the recovery of your baby. It is also very important to exchange memory of the deceased one. Sorrowing kids don't want to overlook the deceased - they are also afraid that others will forgotten their people.

"To help their beloved ones not to be forgot also assists the children to know that when they are dead, they will not be forgot either. That is what this volume is trying to ease. "I' m getting a little bit of feed-back the other night from a mother who got the copy. "That was great to listen to, and that's obviously the point of the work.

"It is also available in Hebrew, albeit only in digital format until I know that there is enough interest to print it. It was quite fortunate that almost everyone in the room asked for a copy, and some had an idea of the folks who thought they might want to buy in bulk. What do you think?

So if this can help someone you know by their sadness, please contact me.

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