Can I Write a novel

May I write a novel?

Type the book you would like to read. This will be the best book you can write. When you write in the first person, people will think that that person's views are your own. Don't let yourself stop writing Hitler's fictional autobiography. Many people find writing a sentence more painful than pulling out their own teeth.

Like this year writing a novel: I' m amazed how much life and work I find.

I' ve been planning to start writing a textbook for a ten years, and the itch is getting more and more persistent. I' m not committed to one particular category, let alone one particular narrative, but half-formed figures and stories are floating in my head, and it's almost certainly true that it's not my intention to do something about them. Twenty-five years after my daughters birthday, there is a different kind of age.

At the beginning of October I open my journal, looking for it. I have three continuous lessons - which I currently spend brushing, clearing up and resigning - on a Monday am when my daughters are in the children's room. It' not unavoidable, it' a election, and a stupid one." I' ll have more work when my girl goes to college.

"We expect to have more free space in the future," says Crabbe, "but if you can't do anything today, you probably never will." Concentrating half an hours in the mornings when you are cool is more useful than a few lessons later in the days when your mind is jumping between other things.

So, a light and airy October Monday, with Skinner's advices in my ear, I open my notebook. Last year's V&A show, with photos by Paul Strand, remained with me. I' m writing a brief fictionalisation of his journeys. It' freeing and frightening to be able to put everything that comes to my mind.

Next day I was reading about it: "It's full of clich├ęs. In the next few words, I' ll be writing regular, but by no means daily: description of the wheather, reminiscences, everything that comes to my mind. I' m always writing down sentences that I`m reading and admiring: I' m not sure where all this is going.

One Monday am I come back to Paul Strand and create a brief sequence that takes place in London today. It' inspires me, it is like the beginning of a fascinating tale, and I'm desperately trying to know where it's going. I' m not writing for three months. Turns out this is just the right moment to move on.

"The most important thing is to show up and post," Booth says, "even when you're weary, lacking inspiration, lack motivation, you'.

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