Can I Write a novel

May I write a novel?

Did you ever think about writing a novel in a month? It' an interesting idea, isn't it? You' re writing a novel? Only make sure you don't write your first sentence. No now, not in the near future.

So how do you spell a novel?

I' ve authored four books, and I' m a third of my way through my fifth. The first novel I read was illegible, although my best author lover made a brave and very friendly response. My first novel I composed by handwriting, on three crayons and a crayon. However, have you realized that when you handwrite something short than a novel, you become slower and think more?

And I know that I was more emotional about my words than I had written in a long while. And I also realized that I took more of my own free moment to find the right words. That' s all well and good, but if you want to compose several books with an average of 85,000-100,000 words, you'll never do it unless you learn to type directly into a computer text-processor.

I use Scrivener myself, but MS Word is widely used. Once everything is done, I can save the file to a Word file. However, it is a good way to organize your typing and keep an overview of how many words you have used. There is another part of the novel that I think is important.

I would actually welcome a debate on this subject, and that is "time". "It will take a long and concentrated period of writing. It took more than 247 hrs to finish and process my 126,000 words memoirs, which I eventually reduced to 118,000 words in a later work.

This is because I have my own table for each novel, each long projekt I record. I' m using Excel because it came with my MS Excel application and the date, how long I was writing each and every days, how many words I was writing (by tracing my final number of words and deducting the initial number of words), the number of pages I've completed and all the commentaries I've made.

Forty-seven two hundred and fourty-seven hour is a long while. Up to 5 lessons for editing and editing. So how do you spell a novel that lasts more than 250 lessons? I' m gonna say one thing at a while. This is the real essence of something that long. Rather than hurry and half a novel that leads nowhere, every single words, every single thought, every fiddly little thing you put your heroin/hero into must be spelled out as thoroughly as possible.

However, if you don't do the work right the first try, you won't have much to use. Understand that the better work you do to make the whole thing the first shot, scenery by scenery, will help you through the whole thing.

On the second, third and forth times you have to watch every single words, every single section and ask yourself: You go back and make sure that every words, every ascription, is right. It is a long and sometimes lengthy procedure to write a novel. However, if you are a forced to tell a story, it doesn't make any difference how long it lasts and how difficult it is to reach it.

You' re writing your novel one thing, one thought, one thought, one scenario at a while. Stick with it and soon you will have your own novel to present to the milieu.

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