Can I Write a novel

May I write a novel?

And you can put your novel together later. Just for now, get some things on the side. Transform your big idea into a saleable novel. Have you got an idea for a big novel? Did you always dream of writing a bestseller?

1. First and foremost goal is to end the shit you got into.

Thought to myself, okay, I just completed the first sketch of a new novel. Perhaps a shortlist of "25 things" related to novelists. Of course the other ruses are true - action, characters, storytelling of course - but these are about the mechanic act of repeatedly slapping the face into the fleshy legs of a novel.

Let's get this out of the way right now: If you guys are starting a damn novel, you are planning to end that damn novel. A new cemetery is not your harddisk. But the point remains: when you write a novel, it's about speed, about speed, about spic. Just-- just go. Leaving a note in your design.

As you and a hundred other soldiers' penkeys scrape up the hostile Novelsvainya Rock. The first design can and should look like a damn war zone. In other words, your first design has sucking authorization. You will find pleasure and freedom in drafting your first design without worrying about it, without giving it a shred.

Risk the first design. Run the tale over a rock. Predicted, but Teddy bear repeating: "Writing is when you make the words, redacting is when you don't make them shty. That novel is gonna be a first-round novel, but you have to let that little son of a bitch mature. It' all right with the writer.

There comes a point when you have to stop fuckin' a novel just as you stop tonguein' a broken-toothed one. You write until it's good, not until it's perfected-- Target a B+ directly, and then it's a good idea to give others a chance to put the novel in the A/A+ series.

I know you used to love that novel last weekend. Copy it out. That' one of the reason we don't write fiction. You just write. Recently on Twitter writer J. Robert King said something true: "No man in balance can write a novel. That' fuckin' crazy. Don't give up your novel. I hope not often, but it does: a novel just doesn't work.

It' difficult, but not impossibile, to write 5,000 words a word a full name. One novel is about 80 k. You can complete a novel in about 16 working nights at 5k/day. You can' t write and re-write so quickly. I want your novel to mean something to you so they care about it. Don't just write.

You have to write about something. The novel page should not look like a huge textboard. A 48% campaign, 48% dialog and 4% presentation and descriptions is the perfect novel. The point is, a novel gets stuck with swampy nonsense like hard descriptions and chattering exposure. The best novel is when it is alive in the instant in which its main way of communicating is the act and the dialog that connects branches and dances across the whole face of the readers.

Dialog is acting. The only thing to do is to do something. It' even better when the dialog is manifested while people are shitting: driving a fucking automobile, executing bad guys, making an omelet, building a dark dancein' robotic whose crazy mechanic choreomany turns the whole wide globe to ashes. Not only do people standing in one place in the room talking.

It' up a canyoning trail or a dog that carries dosy balls of heavy drug in his back pockets; the point is the same. And he wants to make his own choices and draw his own inferences.

But you don't have to write everything. One novel can have too many different personalities. You can have a limit to the number of character you can have, depending on your capacity to make them fully-fledged, fully populated humans. The good storyline is a good storyline, and that means that a good work is a good work.

Irrespective of the type, you write the novel you have to write. It can' be just one thing. No-one can write a novel in the same way, down to the fonts that people like. Some of the books have their own requirements. You' re gonna write it, but it has to be spelled. It'?s not difficult to write a novel.

Just as it is not difficult to build a chair: I can glue a pile of tins and sticks together and make a new one. But, to write a good novel, an inventive novel that belongs to you and no one else, well, that's the catch, isn't it? You' ll soon be learning to write well and write clearly and put half a litre of your own on each side until you have nothing else to do but saliva and eyeballs.

You write it until it's done, then you write it again.

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