Can I Write a Book

May I write a book?

And I didn't want to do anything with that time. I' ve always wanted to write a book. When you hope to write a book, you're not alone. "Sensitive and Convincing." Austenesque Reviews.

Well, I could write a book:

As Javier Marias says:'There are seven good reason not to publish a novel (and one to produce it)'.

There are seven good reason why I can't do a novel: There' re too many fiction and too many folks they' re gonna work on. Thirdly, authoring a novel will certainly not make you rich: in fact, only one in 100 published books - and this is an encouraging figure - deserves a respectable amount.

It is unlikely that the amount of income you earn will make any difference to a writer's career, and it will certainly not be enough to make you retired. It can also take month or even years for a novel of medium length to be written, which some folks may want to do. To invest all the while in a job that only has a 1% opportunity to earn cash is ridiculous, especially when you consider that nowadays nobody - not even aristocrat and housewife - has that much to do.

Fifth: The novel does not provide mortality, especially because there is hardly any mortality left. Considering that fiction lasts a maximum period of one year, not only because it is forgotten by the reader and the critic, but because it will have disappeared from the bookshop shelf only a few month after the novel was born (always provided that there are still bookshops), it is ridiculous to think that our works will never doom.

Six: Not even temporarily does novelists caress the egos. In contrast to film director or painter or musician who can see the public's response to their works and even listen to their clapping, the author never sees the reader read his novel and is never there to experience their consent, agitation or joy.

Authors of fiction are allowed to devote much of their spare human resources to a fictitious environment that is truly the only place, or at least the most tolerable. Cervantes' Spain is the only Spain of 1600 that we know and are interested in: the Spain of an fictive volume about other fictive volumes, from which an anachronist knightly lord arises, rather than what was or used to be at work.

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