Can I Write a Book

May I write a book?

Perhaps you have an incredible idea you can't stop thinking about, no matter for which genre or for whom it is written. In the 1920s, we couldn't have written a book together. One cannot be an author in name and status without suffering or sacrificing for it. Thing is, you could write a book. Perhaps not the one you imagined writing.

Yes, the track was composed for Pal Joey, but it was a show before the movie and a set of tales before the show.

Yes, the track was composed for Pal Joey, but it was a show before the movie and a set of tales before the show. All of us see Sinatra as Joey, sliding back her head, over her shoulders.... and here is the video from the movie in which Joey Evans is singing the track to Kim Novak's Linda English.

And Joey asks for Linda, who dances in the choir line: "Hey, who's the girl with the made one? It was a different response to the show. This leads us to the roots of Pal Joey, a serial of John O'Hara's tales in The New Yorker about a valueless "heel" and his richly-loved.

When O'Hara proposed to Richard Rodgers to turn the story into a play, it was decided that Rodgers and Hart would compose the song if O'Hara did. The first performance of Pal Joey was in 1940. This is where the real essence was writen by Joey Evans.

It was portrayed as a completely unethical, aspiring singer and dancer who dumped his friend for a rich dowager, Vera Simpson. She spends a lot of moneys on Joey, purchases him fancy clothing, a fancy flat and puts him in a nightclub. Finally Vera abandons him and Joey gets into difficulties with extortion.

But Pal Joey was too far ahead of his day. Although ahead of her day, the show played Gene Kelly as Joey, and she earned him fame, like for another personality, Van Johnson, who was in the choir and Gene Kelly's rival. In 1952 the show was resurrected and the days had change.

Both of the beloved tunes were now also known and a crowd puller. As for Harold Lang, Joey acted and Vivienne Segal was Vera again, the role she had performed 12 years before. Maybe it was unavoidable that Pal Joey became a film, but many changes were made. It is Rita Hayworth who plays Vera, now a rich dowager who hides a past as a strippers, and in the film it is she who plays the'Strip' number Zip (although Jo Ann Greer used to sing for Hayworth and Kim Novak, who now plays Linda, made Trudy Erwin sing her part).

Instead of being Vera's "Toy Boy", Sinatra was actually older than Rita Hayworth and there were "new" Rodgers and Hart tracks - The Lady Is A Tough (originally by Babes In Arms) and There's A Small Hotel (originally for Billy Rose's Juumbo and On Your Toes). Ella did have some texts from the show that we don't always hear:

In order to illustrate these verse, Cafe Songbook once again provides the framework for the initial show: He admires a pup in the pigeon-hole when he watches Linda do the same. No tact is lost to him before he delights Linda with how he had a pup like this one when he was a little kid, and how he was murdered when the driver of the house, Chadwick, drove the other.

We want the public to see what Linda isn't doing, that this is a line and an efficient one. Not good, anyway. A lot of it. To take advantage of what I learned. I' m not gonna spend any fucking innocent hours, I' m gonna hit while the iron's still warm. LINDA: I never cracked a cookbook, I never responded to an e-mail, I always thought I was going to squander it.

Washington's 1955 Dinah is very different. Artie was serving in the US Navy when the conflict came, during which he was leading a group touring the South Pacific. Artie composed a 1952 novel - The Hole With Cinderella.

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