Can I Sell my Ebook on Amazon

Is it possible to sell my eBook on Amazon?

Second-hand eBooks 101: How Amazon can resell eBooks legitimately Since the announcement in February that Amazon had a patented used electronic media for sale, there has been a lot of debate about what this means for the e-book industry and writers and whether it is right, wrong, ethically or immorally to use it to distribute used electronic music. There are a number of individuals (including at least one blogger) who do not know exactly what it means to buy a used-book.

Bloggers who write on TeleRead believe it is against the law to redistribute an eBook: Amazons has a means of selling used e-books within the Kindle system. Within the system, a product is trademarked when purchased and if the purchaser offers it for reselling at the Kindle Shop, it is deleted from his bankroll and placed in the purchaser's bankroll.

For every Amazon sales a small charge is made. Somebody wrote a textbook and decided to put it up for auction at the Kindle Store. All you have to do is add it to KDP, bargain and accept the Amazon agreement, and the item is on the Kindle Store. Then Amazon is selling the electronic one. While I know that we are all used to saying that we buy e-books, but the juridical relation of sharing your funds for a Kindle is not a buying one.

All that happens is that you sign a treaty. Amazons will take your funds and grant you the right to use the e-book under certain covenants. The following clauses are set out by amzon in the general business regulations. Kindle Store is subject to extensive user agreement, which can be found here.

And if you don't know what this agreement says, you should have it. One of the things I like to think about is that Amazon does not offer secondhand e-books. I suppose that folks who say that the act of sale of used e-books is illegally due to copyrights do not seem to have realised that Amazon does not sale them. This means that copyrights do not necessarily prohibit the resale of Kindle e-books.

Saidenote: The above named blogsger thinks that you rent an e-book instead of buying it. They could put it that way if you want (a rental agreement is indeed a kind of contract), but it is still incorrect to say that the sale of a leased e-book is inadmissible. The fact that you can buy and sale a rental agreement under certain circumstances is missing.

If or when Amazon sells e-books on, my suspicion is that what they will actually do is also cut off a licence from one client to another when accessing the e-book for the vendor and activate account to the e-book for the client. If it comes to resale Kindle e-books, the agreement between the author/publisher and Amazon will probably be as important as the copyrights, and that is because Amazon may not be able to sell a Kindle e-book if the author/publisher does not give them the permission.

Early in the Post I specifically recall the negotiating move because when an e-book is loaded, the author/publisher is presented with a number of choices such as award, marketing availability and whether the e-book KDP should be selected. Authors/Editors may reject or agree to these terms.

But I also anticipation that if Amazon decides to sale utilized e-books, maker and application faculty be presented with the judgment of whether they poverty to allow Amazon to sell on their-books. It is based on the text of the patents (and Amazon's previous behaviour). There is a clause in the IP in which the owner of the copyrights can choose to ban the resale of an e-book in the same way that an author/publisher can choose not to have his e-books lent by one Kindle owner to another.

Indeed, this patent seems both the resale of e-books and when user loans e-books to each other. This detail brings me to the conclusion that Amazon will ask for your consent to sell them on. But I do expect me to end up being nearer to the reality than people saying that the resale of e-books is null and void.

Prior to starting this diary in January 2010, I worked with e-books, e-book reader and digitally published for about 2 years as part of the MobileRead Forum.

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