Can I Publish my own Book

May I publish my own book?

When you upload your manuscript to KDP, it appears for sale on, where readers can download it to their children. They all offer self-publishing software and allow users to publish and distribute their books. Books are sold on CreateSpace or

They are logged in via our secure server. If required, you can publish and sell your book yourself.

Publish, promote and resell your own book.

Writers' three greatest battles are: "How to publish?" My poll, in which I asked over 80 writers about their major problem, says one big question: How can I publish? In most cases writers believe that they should publish by tradition, so they should consult a conventional publisher. If required, you can publish and resell your book yourself.

In many cases, writers also fear that if they publish themselves, they will not be able to publish traditionally?-traditionally?'. The Martian writer Andy Weir himself had his book printed on Amazon KDP and initially resold it for 99c. Following the sale of many of the books, a conventional publishers recognised the company's popularity and released the book in its own name.

So it is possible to publish and then publish in the traditional way. It is not the difficult part of it. One of the really difficult parts is to market and sell your book. Here, too, most writers are struggling because they think that this is the publisher's work. A publisher's task is to get the book into the bookshops, but your task is to move it from the bookshop to your readers' homes.

That'?s why you have to be good at your own brand. Some of the most widely reading writers are also very good in the field of advertising. Paul Coelho is a great example of what I call an author-preneur, a mix of artists, writers and entrepreneurs who acquire legal abilities such as sales and distribution. To sell always seems like a terrible thing for many but you have to be aware that to sell is not a terrible thing.

You think of sales as a workout. They have to agree with the fact to demand payment for a services like your book. They should also know the basics about sales and your targeted group that you want to address with your messages. He has written many good sales literature that is still of value today.

Most importantly, you think and know what your audiences want and then give it to them. Yakup Ceyhun Ă–zkardes is the designer of the on-line course Author-preneur - How to publish, promote and sale your own book, where he is teaching sales and promotion strategy for you.

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